Grape Cocktail Collection

Green grape glacier smoothie

Alexandra Grablewski / Digital Vision / Getty Images

While grapes are used to produce alcoholic beverages such as brandy and wines, it is an otherwise uncommon ingredient in cocktails. This collection of recipes includes those that feature the true flavor of grapes in one form or another.

Fresh Grape and Grape Juice Cocktails:

Grape juice is used in a number of drink recipes and you will find it used quite often in mocktails because it mimics and is a great substitute for wine. The most common way to add the flavor of grapes is to use grape juice, whether that be the standard dark juice or white grape juice. The latter tends to be used more often because it is lighter in flavor, making it more versatile, and is similar to white wines.

The grape ingredient is indicated for each recipe. Those with no notation use the fresh fruit.

Grape-Flavored Liquors

As mentioned above, we are very familiar with wine and brandy, which are produced from grapes and we use those all the time in mixing cocktails. In recent years a few other styles of liquor have been distilled from grapes, this list includes G'Vine Gin and IDOL Vodka. However, there are other grape-flavored ingredients that appear from time to time in cocktails recipes.

Grape-flavored vodkas and liqueurs are the most common of the spirits that use this flavor. It is a tricky flavor to add to alcohol because it often comes off tasting like a children's medicine. 

The liqueurs are often sweeter, DeKuyper Grape Pucker is one of the most popular bottles available. It's primarily used in shooters. Grape schnapps can also be found from time to time.