10 Great Breads to Serve With Coffee

Coffee Breads are Sweet, Rich, and Oh-So-Good

Few food and drink pairings can compare to a fresh-brewed cup of coffee and a homemade bread. You will find that some breads that are naturally more compatible with coffee and the majority are quick breads. This is great news because that means they are very easy to make from scratch. 

All coffee breads have certain traits in common: they are sweet and rich in flavor and texture. Any of these sweet bread recipes will go great with coffee. Serve them when you invite friends over for a cup or for...MORE dessert following a big family meal.

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    Gooey Sticky Buns
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    Sticky buns are an all-time favorite for coffee drinkers. The sticky sweetness is made to be washed down with a hot cup of cream and sugar coffee. It's the perfect afternoon indulgence.

    What is fabulous about this particular recipe is that you get that great sticky bun taste without the hassle. Why? It all begins with store-bought crescent rolls!

    Some bakers may call it cheating. We call it 30 minutes to delicious treats.

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    Pecan cinnamon bun
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    We cannot leave sticky buns alone when it comes to a coffee break. They're just too irresistible and they always taste great with a cup of dark coffee.

    This is a more traditional sticky roll recipe so you yeast lovers can indulge as well. For the seasoned baker, it should be a breeze and it's a fun recipe to try if you're dabbling in the baking arts.

    One taste of these gooey caramel and pecan topped rolls and you'll want to make another batch. Yet, you don't have to because the...MORE recipe makes 36 delicious sticky rolls.

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    Here's a great recipe for impromptu coffee gatherings. It's made from your favorite biscuit mix, so it's super fast and easy.

    The trick to the deliciousness of these biscuits is that they're rolled in a mix of cinnamon sugar and pecans before baking. The dough balls are packed into a round pan and they're served piping hot.

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    Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread with Coffee

    For something heavy during the autumn and winter months, try this recipe for chocolate chip honey pumpkin bread. The rich chocolate flavor is an instant hit and the pumpkin is a fall favorite that pairs perfectly with a rich cup of coffee.

    It's a quick bread recipe that's filled with those great spices found in Middle Eastern cuisine. The list includes cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger and these are more interesting than normal against the bread's sweeter ingredients. It's a...MORE guaranteed show stopper.

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    German Stollen. Elizabeth Yetter

    German stollen is a traditional Christmas bread made in many Pennsylvania German homes. It's fantastic when served with coffee after Christmas dinner and it makes a great gift during your holiday visits.

    The sweet bread mixes up quickly and includes fresh lemon, candied fruits, and almonds. It is a yeasted bread though this particular recipe is one of the easiest you'll find for a classic stollen.

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    Sourdough beer bread
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    If you're in the mood for something that's a bit on the more savory side, this orange sage bread is a fabulous choice. The citrus adds a great zing and it can be served with marmalade for breakfast though it's just as tasty for afternoon coffee breaks.

    The strong orange flavor of this quick bread blends perfectly with a hot cup of coffee. The sage brings in a taste of the garden and you'll enjoy this little snack year-round.

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    A bowl of pecans

    A Southern delight is waiting inside this spiced, richly textured quick bread with a butter pecan base. It will pair perfectly with your favorite dark roast coffee.

    The bread is made with brown sugar and buttermilk to give it an almost cake-like texture. The cinnamon and nutmeg give it a nice spice, and you can swap the pecans for walnuts or add chocolate chips if you like.