These Glass Measuring Cups From Great Jones Will Help Romanticize Your Prep Work

Testing the Beyond Measure duo took all the stress out of my baking process

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Great Jones Beyond Measure measuring cups

The Spruce Eats / Katherine Gallagher

Our reviewer was sent a sample of the Beyond Measure Duo to test in her kitchen. Keep reading for our product review.

I’ve always found cooking to be therapeutic. Stirring a savory sauce or chopping fresh herbs has an uncanny ability to unlock creativity and boost my mood. When it comes to baking, however, I tend to favor the serving and eating elements rather than the actual preparation.

It could be because baking requires a certain level of planned coordination and exact measurements. At some point, between calculating milliliters to cups and double-checking that I haven’t confused the baking soda with the baking powder, my cooking station has been known to transform into a cluttered, flour-sprinkled mess. In the end, I get the job done, but it isn’t always pretty.

So when I got the chance to try out the new Great Jones Beyond Measure glassware collection, I jumped at the opportunity to find a measuring cup that promised to fuse high-quality performance with stunning, colorful aesthetics.

Great Jones Beyond Measure Duo

What We Like
  • Stylish

  • Available in two different sizes or as a set

  • Durable borosilicate glass

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

  • Measurements in ounces, cups, and milliliters

What We Don't Like
  • Limited color options

The Beyond Measure cups are available in two different colors: Blueberry/Taffy (blue body with a pink handle) and Broccoli/Butternut (green body with a yellow handle). Although they don’t come in any neutral shades and are definitely part of a specific aesthetic, the fun colors are a large part of what makes these tools—and the brand itself—so special. Likewise, they will coordinate beautifully with other Great Jones products you may already own.

These cups came safely packaged with plenty of cushioning to keep the glass secure in transit. Although some people might have noticed the lovely color combination or how the glass catches the light at first glance, my eyes went straight to the printed measurements on the side. As someone who doesn’t get along with math, I appreciated the clearly-marked ounces, cups, and milliliters that move up in smaller increments. They’re also inclusive for those living abroad who don’t want to spend time looking up conversions.

Great Jones Beyond Measure measuring cups

The Spruce Eats / Katherine Gallagher

I initially used the cups for tasks like portioning out Arborio rice and chicken stock for risotto, measuring oats for oatmeal, and whipping up a quick salad dressing. They were a huge time saver for the dressing because I could measure each ingredient in layers inside the cup before using the spout to pour directly onto mixed greens.

As these measuring cups found their way into my regular cooking rotation, I found myself reaching for them again and again. Eventually, I left both out on the counter to grab as needed, which only upped the convenience factor. In any case, they looked good enough to earn a more permanent spot on display.

Of course, the true test would come with baking, so I opted to make a batch of orange buttermilk pancakes (because we are approaching the end of citrus season here in California—and I’m in denial).

Great Jones Beyond Measure measuring cups

The Spruce Eats / Katherine Gallagher

Unsurprisingly, the measuring cups added an element of style to my chaotic countertop. Even better, the versatility of the cups meant I could employ them for different uses, keeping everything mess-free and organized—so much so that I started looking forward to using them for my next baking recipes.

The larger cup was big enough to fit a small whisk inside to beat the eggs, and the smaller cup worked great to hold the melted butter (they’re safe to use in the microwave, too). As an added bonus, both cups were tall and wide enough that I was comfortable using them to hold extra waste like broken egg shells and citrus peels once I was finished measuring the fresh orange juice, sugar, buttermilk, and flour.

Great Jones Beyond Measure measuring cups

The Spruce Eats / Katherine Gallagher

It didn’t end there—the easy-pour spout also came in handy while cooking the pancakes. Each one called for adding ¼ cup of batter into the pan at a time, an easy job thanks to the measurements on the side.

Plus, using the larger cup meant I could hold up to 4 cups of batter at once without having to go back for messy refills between each pancake. When it came time to slather the cooked pancakes with warm maple syrup, the microwave-safe cups helped take care of that, too.

Great Jones Beyond Measure measuring cups

The Spruce Eats / Katherine Gallagher

Cleaning these measuring cups was a breeze. There are no oddly-shaped nooks or crannies for excess or dried food to accumulate, and because of the smooth material, they are super simple to wash by hand and reuse for different ingredients as you cook.

Despite the glass construction, I felt completely safe putting them in the top rack of the dishwasher, though keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends avoiding overcrowding your dishwasher to prevent chips and scratches. The borosilicate glass is super sturdy and more resistant to thermal shock than standard glass.

Great Jones Beyond Measure measuring cups

The Spruce Eats / Katherine Gallagher

For entertaining, the cups are also perfect to use as a serving vessel on the table for sauces and vinaigrettes. I could easily see the larger cup used as a cute mixing glass for a cocktail or two, as well. The fact that Great Jones is a women-run small business is just icing on the cake (or, pancakes in this case), and they also offer a free text service called Potline that dishes out cooking advice and recipes in real-time.

This is the brand’s first glassware collection, which they’ve also supplemented with a gorgeous, handmade Spout meant for drizzling olive oil, vinegar, and more. Made of the same Borosilicate glass and available in the Blueberry or Broccoli colors, Spout holds 19 fluid ounces and features an oversized handle and breather valve on the lid for a controlled, steady pour.

Great Jones Beyond Measure measuring cups

The Spruce Eats / Katherine Gallagher

As home cooks, we certainly don’t need our kitchen tools to be attractive in order to be functional, but it definitely helps make the whole cooking experience more enjoyable. If you’re looking to invest in a quality piece that works well—and also makes you smile while using it—these Great Jones measuring cups are an ideal addition to any kitchen.

The Verdict

The Beyond Measure Duo from Great Jones is a sturdy, multi-use set of measuring cups that combines functionality and style—all while adding a pop of color to your kitchen.

Product Name: Beyond Measure

Product Brand: Great Jones

Price: $35 for the 2-Cup, $45 for the 4-Cup, or $70 for both

Sizes: 2-Cup measures 4 x 3.5 inches and 4-Cup measures 5.5 x 4 inches

Material: Borosilicate glass

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