10 Great Online Gourmet Cheese Shops

Have the World's Best Artisan Cheese Delivered to Your Door

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Gourmet cheeses are a world apart from the factory produced cheeses found in the chain supermarkets. They are often hand made in small batches, using organic products and minimal to no additives. However, gourmet cheeses can be hard to find locally if you don't have a go-to specialty market or cheese shop nearby. Luckily, there are online sources where you're sure to find some fantastic tasting cheeses.

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    With an incredible selection of over 800 cheeses from 36 countries, igourmet is like having the best cheese shops from around the world all in one place. The website is also easy to use and provides detailed information on every cheese as well as customer reviews. With great prices, excellent shipping, and top-notch customer service (igourmet gets an A+ from the Better Business Bureau) you can't go wrong. You will also find a variety of cheese accompaniments, wines, and cheese tools to make your cheese tasting experience complete.

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    Artisanal Cheese Center

    New York celebrity chef Terrance Brennan, owner of the now-closed Artisanal, a wine and cheese bistro, has since opened his "cheese cave" doors, making his collection of more than 300 world-class cheeses available to the public. Prices may be a little above average, but customer service is impeccable and there are cheeses here you won't find anywhere else in America. If you are really into cheese, check out their Cheese of the Month Club.

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    La Tienda: the Best of Spain

    La Tienda is an expansive online store that carries all sorts of things related to Spain. Their best products, however, are found in the assortment of delicious cheeses imported directly from Spain. Categorized by the type of milk, the cheeses are sold by the pound as well as combined with complementary meats and other cheeses.

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    Murray's Cheese Shop

    Murray's is considered one of the best cheese shops in New York City. These guys have been around for a long time (since 1940), so they know what they're doing. Their website features a wide selection of over 250 cheeses, which you can choose by type, feature, or maker. Murrayscheese.com also makes it simple to pair cheeses with your beverage of choice.

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    Ideal Cheese Shop

    This online shop prides themselves on maintaining their "mom and pop" feeling while creating an online presence. Originating as a butter and egg company in New York City, The Ideal Cheese Shop has been listed as one of the best cheese shops in the world by Forbes.com. The company sells its products wholesale to hotels and offers a good, although limited, selection of cheeses from around the world for retail online.

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    Gourmet Food Store

    The huge selection of great world cheeses on this gourmet food site is searchable by not only country and milk type, but also texture. However, you may find the choices fall short when it comes to American cheeses. As the Gourmet Food Store offers more than just cheese, they also have a very nice selection of other foods like caviar, truffles, and oils.

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    Formaggio Kitchen

    Touting an artisanal collection that has been developed over 40 years' time, the Formaggio Kitchen offers a selection of over 200 artisan cheeses from around the world. Categories are divided by region, maker, country of origin, flavor profile, and type of cheese. Not all of their cheeses are listed, so contact them if you don't see a particular cheese you are looking for.

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    New York City's Zabar's may be best known for a bagel with lox and cream cheese, but, in fact, their website offers over 100 varieties of cheeses from around the world. Including both artisanal as well as better-known cheeses from other countries, Zabar's is a good site if you are shopping for a gift or party food.

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    Mozzarella Company

    The Mozzarella Company is a small cheesemaking factory in Dallas, Texas. Mozzarella, of course, is their specialty but they also make a wide assortment of other hand-made cheeses. Caciotta, creme fraiche, cream cheese, feta, fromage blanc, mascarpone, goat cheese, montasio, and Queso Oaxaca are just some of the great cheeses available. You can also buy mozzarella curds in 5-pound blocks if you desire to make your own mozzarella. Gift baskets and a cheese-of-the-month club are also available.

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    Located in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan, Zingerman's is a family of food-related companies, one of which is their mail-order shop that includes cheeses made especially for them. All of their cheeses are stored in a perfectly regulated cheese cave, cut to order, and wrapped in special bags that keep the cheese fresh and at its best. Choose from cheeses around the world or those made at the Zingerman's Creamery in their home town.