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Greek Food & Recipes

Enjoy authentic Greek cuisine at home with our selection of Mediterranean dishes and traditional Greek recipes.
Greek Spaghetti
Greek Spaghetti
Greek Stuffed Peppers Recip
Greek Stuffed Peppers Recipe
Greek Coffee
How to Make Authentic Greek Coffee
Classic Greek Dishes
Stuffed grape leaves
Dolmathakia me Kima: Stuffed Grape Leaves With Meat and Rice
Greek Spinach Pie With Feta Cheese (Spanakopita) Recipe
Spanakopita: Greek Spinach Pie With Feta Cheese
Greek Eggplant Moussaka
Classic Greek Eggplant Moussaka
22 Classic Greek Recipes
Quince jam in jar with fruit, close up
Marmalatha Kythoni: Quince Jam
Watermelon and Feta Salad
Greek Watermelon and Feta Salad
Greek egg-lemon soup (avgolemono soup)
Avgolemono (Greek Lemon Chicken Soup)
Greek cheeses
Greek Cheeses: Essential on Every Table
Ouzo served with lemon in a glass
What Is Ouzo?
Food in Ancient Greece
Eating Like an Ancient Greek
Greek meal
How Are Greek Foods Cooked?
Confectioner's Sugar
How to Make Your Own Confectioner's Sugar
Tzatziki: Cucumber Yogurt Dip
Tzatziki: Cucumber Yogurt Dip
Vegetarian Moussaka
Close up of spices on cutting board
Common Spices in Greek Cooking
Saganaki recipe
Pan-Seared Saganaki
Manouri Greek cheese wheel
All About Greek Manouri Cheese
fresh tomatoes and grater
How To Grate Tomatoes
Beef and Onion Casserole, Greek Style
What Is Greek Stifatho (Stifado)?
rolled baklava
Baklavas Rolo: Rolled Baklava
Grilled Eggplant Rolls Stuffed With Spinach and Feta Cheese in a baking dish and served on a plate
Grilled Eggplant Rolls Stuffed With Spinach and Feta Cheese
tomatoes and olive oil
Lathera Definition (Ladera)
Marinated pickled octopus salad
Greek Pickled Octopus
A separated egg yolk in a cracked eggshell on cutting board
How to Divide Eggs When Reducing Recipes
Water boiling in pot on stove
How to Boil Water
Cooking with greek yogurt
Traditional Greek Cooking Basics
High Angle View Of Red And White Eggs
How to Dye Red Eggs for Greek Easter
Multi-colored potatoes
Patatosalata (Greek Potato Salad)
Bowl of baby squid appetizer
How To Defrost and Prepare Frozen Squid
Greek yogurt
Yiaourti: Homemade Greek Yogurt
escargot on a plate
How to Clean and Prepare Fresh Snails for Cooking
Easy Homemade Gyros recipe, gyros on a white plate
Easy Homemade Gyros
Pastitsio baked pasta with meat recipe
Greek Pastitsio: Baked Pasta With Meat and Béchamel
Greek Chicken Souvlaki Gyro Wrap
Greek Chicken Souvlaki Gyro Wrap
Eggplant dip
Greek Eggplant Dip
Pork Chop
Greek-Style Grilled Pork Chops With Marinade
Greek Beef Marinade for Roasts, Steaks, and Kebabs
Greek Beef Marinade for Roasts, Steaks, and Kebabs
Grilled Calamari - Kalamari tis Skaras
Grilled Calamari - Kalamari tis Skaras
Fried zucchini
Kolokythakia Tiganita: Batter-Fried Zucchini
Orzo pasta
Yiouvetsi me Kima Arnisio: Ground Lamb With Orzo Pasta - Yiouvetsi
Cheese pie
Quick Cheese Pie with Puff Pastry Greek Recipe
Greek Olive Oil and Lemon Sauce
Grape molasses cookies (moustokouloura)
Greek Grape Molasses Cookies (Moustokouloura)
Mediterranean diet
What the Ancient Greeks Ate
Greek yogurt
Ariani: A Refreshing Yogurt Beverage
Dakos (Cretan Meze)
Dakos (Cretan Meze)
Fillet of white fish with spinach, orange, pine nuts and olive oil .
Lavraki sto fourno se Harti (Herbed Sea Bass Baked in Paper)
Grapes and glasses of wine on table outdoors
Grape Must Pudding (Moustalevria)
Beef and onion stew
Stifatho: Beef and Onion Stew
Grilled Baby Octopus With Lemon recipe
Grilled Baby Octopus With Lemon
Baked sardines on a plate
Sartheles Psites (Baked Sardines With Garlic and Oregano)
Bowl of shredded wheat cereal
Greek Shredded Wheat Cake (Kataife)
Oranges with Honey Dessert
Portokalia me Meli Orange Honey Dessert Recipe
How to Seed a Cucumber
Baked Bonito with Herbs & Potatoes
Greek Baked Bonito With Herbs & Potatoes (Palamitha sto Fourno)
Turkish Baklava
The Art of Baklava