Where to Buy Greek Foods and Ingredients Online

Two grandmothers, or yiayias, explore the marketplace in Corfu, Greece

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The resources listed here include comprehensive online "Greek supermarkets" as well as online sources for authentic Greek specialty and gourmet products. Look at the larger shops for hard-to-find food and cuisine ingredients like mahlepi (mahlab, mahlep), gum mastic (mastiha), Greek oregano, and Greek sea salt (at great prices), and to the specialty shops for fabulous and unique products. Be sure to check the gift section on each site for unusual items and gift baskets.

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    Demeter's Pantry

    Demeter's Pantry imports, distributes, and sells fabulous gourmet Greek products, including herbed vinegars, "tomato caviar" from Santorini, Cretan olive oils made from famous koroneiki olives, layered jams (a must see), a unique lemon olive oil made from lemons that are stone-pressed with the olives (rather than infused like other lemon olive oils), and they offer the best price on Api Pharm organic Greek honeys (pine, fir, orange blossom, wild thyme, thyme and wildflowers, chestnut, and heather).

    Gift baskets, product groupings, prepared dishes, and handcrafted items are also available. Shipping costs are shown at the beginning of the checkout process.

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    Similar to Parthenon and Titan (below), this site is an online supermarket. The selection is fairly small (but growing), and some same or similar items are priced higher than at other online shops, but consider saving with free shipping on orders over $85.

    Products are authentically Greek, and the descriptions are almost always thorough. The checkout process is easy, and the growing inventory makes this site worth a look.

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    A nice selection of everyday Greek ingredients, herbs and spices, coffees and teas, and cooking accessories. No cheeses, but they do offer some prepared appetizers and a range of mixes that many Greeks use to make sweets and desserts for those who don't want to cook from scratch.

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    iGourmet Greek Shop

    iGourmet offers several pages of Greek products including cheese, olives, premium olive oils, coffee, gift baskets, honey, and other fairly high-end products. Prices are reasonable - higher than Parthenon and Titan - and the selection is small, but the buying experience is very easy and descriptions are full and complete. The selection of cheeses is quite nice and includes barrel-aged ​Feta, and the selection of prepared foods (jams, meze dishes) is very interesting.

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    Parthenon Foods

    Entering the Parthenon Foods site is like walking into a large Greek / Eastern European / Middle Eastern market. The vast selection of Greek products includes hard-to-find spices like mahlepi (mahlep, mahlab), mastiha (gum mastic), Greek sea salt (very low prices), as well as Greek pastas (hilopittes, kofto, others), prepared products like Cretan barley rusks, and much more.

    Use the search function if you know what you're looking for, otherwise, you need to scroll through pages of products of mixed origins. Selecting the "Greek only" products button brings up a huge alphabetical list of everything from Greece - hard to navigate. Check the kitchen items for pots and pans used in Greek kitchens. Prices are generally quite good.

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    Titan Foods

    Titan Foods is located in Astoria, NY —where the largest community of Greeks outside Greece resides. This is a smaller resource than Parthenon Foods (above), but everything is Greek and prices are very low. The site has few product descriptions, so you need to know what you're looking for.

    For example, flours are listed as "Flour #1" and "Flour #2." If you don't know that #1 is hard (bread) flour and #2 is soft (pastry) flour, you won't find it in the description. The site is easy to use and has a growing inventory.