Salad Recipes: Green salad, bean salads, pasta salad recipes and more

Bean salads, pasta salads, fresh healthy green salads and much more!

A comprehensive collection of healthy, fun and creative salad recipes, including green salads, macaroni salads, bean salads, pasta salads, quinoa salads and more. Most of these are healthy and low-fat, and all of these recipes for salads are vegetarian and meatless, and most are vegan as well. 

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    Green salads

    Green salad with hemp seeds

    Green salads are what we usually think of when we hear the word salad. This collection of healthy green salad ideas includes plenty of spinach salad recipes, arugula recipes, and green salads using other lettuce types, including romaine, mixed greens, and iceberg. Most of these vegetarian and vegan salads can be made with any kind of green that you prefer, so use your favorite!

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    Bean Salad Recipes

    Black bean salad with avocado

    Beyond just your basic three-bean salad, scroll through this collection of recipes for bean salad using edamame (fresh green soybeans), black beans, kidney beans. There's a mango bean salad and even Moroccan bean salad using fresh mint. Surely you'll find something inspiring in this collection! Bean salads are particularly great for lunchtime meals and for vegetarians and vegans in particular (or anyone just trying to eat less meat), as they provide a healthy low-fat source of protein and a great fiber boost.

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    Pasta salads

    Vegetarian pasta salad

    Healthy vegetarian pasta salads and macaroni salads are limited only by your imagination and can be a side dish or the entree of a light vegetarian lunch. No picnic or potluck is complete without at least one pasta salad, so make sure yours really stands out from the crowd by choosing one of these fun and creative meatless pasta salad recipes.

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    Potato Salad Recipes

    Vegan Potato Salad

     The Spruce

    Potato salads are, along with apple pie and veggie burgers for us vegetarians, one of those quintessentially American foods; a virtual necessity at any outdoor eating event, be it a potluck, picnic, barbecue or just a summer afternoon. Though usually doused in fatty mayonnaise, potato salads can be light and healthy too. Scroll through this collection of dozens of vegetarian and vegan potato salad recipes including a hot German-style potato salad (pictured), American deli-style potato salads, healthy potato salads without mayo and more.

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    Raw food salad recipes

    Raw pad Thai salad

    If you want the healthiest salad imaginable, go with a raw and vegan food salad recipe, filled with fresh and healthy all raw ingredients, and with nothing cooked or processed. Raw vegan salads can be flavored with a variety of fresh herbs, ground spices and cold pressed oils for a light, easy to digest meal that will energize you without leaving you with a heavy stomach. Pictured: Raw vegan Pad-thai inspired salad with peanuts, bean sprouts, bell peppers and fresh cilantro

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    Easy homemade salad dressing recipes

    Vegan Salad Dressing Recipes

    Top your healthy green salad off with a homemade salad dressing! Store bought is convenient, but if you read the label, you'll be hard-pressed to find a store-bought salad dressing that isn't full of high-fructose corn syrup, processed oils, or worse! Making your own at home, you can use fresh, quality ingredients and at half the price as well. And most homemade salad dressing recipes are fairly simple to prepare. Browse through these dozens of salad dressing recipes to find vinaigrettes, goddess dressing recipes, low-fat dressings, ranch dressing recipes and more.