Homemade Green Onion Dip Mix

Overhead view of bowl with dipping sauce and chopped vegetables, Antigua, Guatemala
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Many people like the flavor and convenience of Wise Green Onion Dip Mix, but you can save money by making your own green onion dip mix. Use this recipe to make batches of dry mix at home. When you're ready for the party, you have a mix you can quickly turn into a dip.

The advantage of making your own green onion dip mix is that you will know all of the ingredients. You can use green onions from your own garden or a trusted organic farm. You can buy them in season or use the green tops from your larger onions rather than having them go to waste.

Make Green Onion Powder

You can dry whole green onions or just the green tops from your larger onions grown in your garden.

Equipment Needed

  • A food dehydrator or oven.
  • Grinder: You can use a spice grinder, coffee grinder, mortar, and pestle, or rolling pin.
  • Plastic bags or jar


  • Dry green onions in a dehydrator or an oven at 145 F for six hours.
  • When the onions are done, use a spice/coffee grinder to powder them or put them in a sandwich bag and use a rolling pin to powder them. You can choose how finely you want to grind them.

Make Green Onion Mix

Now you can prepare your green onion mix and package it in plastic bags in the right amount to make 1 cup of dip.


  • 1/2 teaspoon green onion powder 
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon chicken bouillon granules or vegetable bouillon granules if you prefer a vegetarian version


Combine 1/2 teaspoon green onion powder, 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, and 1 teaspoon bouillon granules. Label it and store in a baggie or container until ready to use. It should keep at room temperature for a year or more.

You could also scale up the proportions and make a batch. Keep it in a jar or plastic container, and label it to use two teaspoons per cup of sour cream to make a dip. The proportions would be 2 to 1 to 4. For example, in a jar, you could combine 1/2 cup green onion powder, 1/4 cup garlic powder, 1 cup bouillon.

Using the Mix to Make a Green Onion Dip

Combine one portion of the mix with one cup of sour cream or Greek yogurt and refrigerate for one hour or so before serving. Serve with crackers, chips, or cut vegetables for dipping.

You can also use the mix as the base for salad dressing. Experiment with adding it to buttermilk for a tangy dressing. You can use it in other sauces for casseroles and vegetables.

What are you missing that is in Wise Green Onion Dip Mix? Besides dehydrated onion, it includes whey, salt, parsley, monosodium glutamate to enhance flavor, hydrolyzed corn gluten, unspecified spices and natural flavors, turmeric extract, and silicon dioxide to prevent caking.

You may also want to experiment with uses for the green onion powder. It can be an easy way to add that flavor to soups, stews, and sauces.

This recipe was contributed by Lisa Herman.