8 Delicious Green Smoothies to Fuel You for the Day

Perfect for Breakfast or as a Snack

Raw green kale smoothie recipe

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Smoothies are a healthy breakfast or snack, perfect for taking on the go. Adding a big handful of fresh greens like spinach or kale amps up the nutrition while giving the drink a vibrant color. It's an easy way to get enough vegetable servings in a day since the naturally sweet fruit and juice provide most of the flavor. Even kids love a good green smoothie!

When making smoothies at home, the key to success is quality ingredients and using the correct ratios. You'll need enough liquid (often juice or nut milk) to ensure that the blender will whirl the ingredients while maintaining a creamy consistency. Ice will turn your smoothie into a frosty treat, but you can also use frozen fruit. The sweeter the fruit, the sweeter the smoothie—extra ripe bananas can make your drink naturally sweet and creamy. And a high-quality blender is always a good idea and will have an easier time creating a blended drink.

In most green smoothie recipes, spinach or kale can be used interchangeably. Fresh leafy greens work best since frozen greens can release too much water and sometimes add an undesirable flavor. Baby spinach is preferable to large leaf spinach since it is tender and blends easily. Curly leaf kale (with the stem completely removed) is the best kale for the job as it is also easier to blend. However, any type of raw spinach or kale will work as long the tough stems are removed.

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    Blueberry and Spinach Superfood Green Smoothie

    Superfood green smoothie

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    This simple, healthy blend of banana, blueberries, and spinach makes a great breakfast or snack. The recipe calls for a quarter cup of liquid like orange juice, apple juice, or nut milk. A handful of ice keeps this superfood smoothie frosty, but if you use frozen fruit you can leave it out.

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    Green Pear Smoothie

    Green Pear and Kale Smoothie
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    Fresh pear adds juicy flavor to this well-rounded green smoothie. Use perfectly ripe, peeled, and seeded fruit as a base. Banana adds creamy fruitiness and kale and ginger add nutrition and flavor. A touch of honey and vanilla add sweetness without adding too many calories, but leave out the honey or replace it with a no-sugar sweetener if you like.

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    Mango Honey Green Smoothie

    green smoothie in a milk glass with straw

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    Mango and banana make this green smoothie naturally creamy without a drop of dairy. Fresh or frozen mango will work, and you can leave out the honey, especially if the banana is extra ripe. Spinach or kale work perfectly, and fresh orange juice makes it even better.

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    Raw Food Green Kale Smoothie

    Raw green kale smoothie recipe

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    A big handful of fresh herbs makes this vibrant green kale smoothie special. Parsley, cilantro, and mint add perkiness to the mixture of kale, banana, and orange juice. Grapefruit juice can be swapped for the OJ and you can add a few ice cubes if you'd like it cold.

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    Zinc-Rich Smoothie

    Spinach Smoothie
    Spinach is very rich in Vitamin K!. Westend61/Getty Images

    Zinc has been shown to be a natural stimulant to the immune system, helping the body fight off illness. Enjoy a zinc-rich smoothie with carrots, apples, spinach, and ginger to give your body a boost. A high-powered blender will do the best job, and adding a handful of ice will make it nice and cold.

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    Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie

    Kiwi apple smoothie decorated with kiwi, apple, and herbs

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    Apple and kiwi make this unique superpower smoothie fruity and naturally sweet. A generous serving of kale give the beverage a vibrant green color, and ginger and fresh cilantro add herbal flavor. Not your average smoothie, this recipe is a nice change of pace. Note that a high-powered blender will work best since you're adding fresh apple.

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    Gluten-Free Spinach, Banana, and Macadamia Nut Milk Smoothie

    Green Smoothie

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    Creamy and nutty, this macadamia nut milk smoothie can also be made with other nut milks like almond and cashew. Almond butter adds healthy fat and protein, while spinach adds iron and other nutrients. Leave out the honey or replace it with no-sugar sweetener to cut calories.

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    Blueberry Kale Smoothie

    Blueberry kale smoothie

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    You only need a few simple ingredients to make this simply delicious kale smoothie. Fresh or frozen blueberries, fresh kale, and orange juice are all it takes to make a delicious and antioxidant-rich drink. Add a dollop of yogurt if you'd like it creamier. If you're not using frozen berries, toss in a couple of ice cubes.