Grilled Cheese with Pork Roll, Tater Tots + Colby Jack Cheese

Loaded breakfast grilled cheese with Taylor Pork Roll, tater tots, and colby and swiss cheese on a crumpet. Grilled Cheese Social
  • Total: 17 mins
  • Prep: 7 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Yield: 1 sandwich (serves 1)

The Taylor Pork Roll is a classic New Jersey breakfast staple that sort of resembles Canadian bacon mixed with salami. Mostly comprised of ham, this product comes fully cooked, but when pan-fried the porky richness is amplified and the caramelized meat takes on a delicious savory flavor. And when covered in melted cheese - well as you could imagine, it gets even better. 

This loaded breakfast grilled cheese features a buttery toasted crumpet, a few rich slices of cooked Taylor Pork Roll, a couple of crunchy tater tots, and a few slices of gooey Colby jack and nutty Swiss cheese. This carb-loaded sandwich is not for the timid eater and shouldn't only be reserved for breakfast time - let's be real, this sandwich is perfect for late night sobering meal.

Dip this tasty sandwich with some ketchup, hot sauce, or a sunny side egg and you've got yourself a winner that's sure please.


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  • 1 crumpet
  • 3 slices of Taylor Pork Roll
  • a handful of tater tots, cooked
  • 2 pats of salted butter
  • 3 slices of colby jack and swiss marbled cheese
  • Optional:
  • Hot sauce, egg or ketchup to taste

Steps to Make It

  1. Gently cut crumpet in half. Lay half of the cheese on top of the exterior side of the crumpet and follow by a layer of pork roll and a couple tater tots.

  2. Gently take your fork and mash the tater tots down so that they are flattened. Add the remaining cheese and the other half of the crumpet - so that the original exterior of the crumpet now becomes the interior.

  3. Butter both sides of sandwich and put it in a pan. Turn the heat to medium and allow the sandwich to heat up and start to brown.

  4. When one side is crisp and golden, flip and repeat. Once both sides are equally toasted and the cheese is completely melted. Remove from heat and let set for a few minutes so that the cheese can set and then serve!

  5. Don't forget to have a little hot sauce, ketchup, or sunny-side egg for dipping!