The Best Grocery Store Advent Calendars for 2021

Grocery store advent calendars

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The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for a little well-deserved indulgence. And while there’s no shortage of good food and drinks this time of year, one of the biggest trends in holiday treats is the Advent calendar. Although Advent calendars were originally created as a light-hearted countdown to Christmas, these days we collect (and gift!) them as a way to enjoy goodies. If nothing else, Advent calendars provide daily small moments of edible joy in the darkest month of the year.

While there’s no shortage of specialty Advent calendars—beer and wine! Whiskey! Coffee! Hello, chocolate!—We’ve got a soft spot for grocery store calendars. After all, grocery stores have seen us through a lot these past couple of years. Not to mention, they offer so much more than food. Just like the stores themselves, supermarket Advent calendars feature everything from sweet treats to pantry staples and health and beauty picks. Here, we’ve rounded up the best grocery store Advent calendars for 2021, and yep: All of your favorites are here.

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    Joy to the Wine Advent calendar from Albertson's


    This year Albertsons is bringing back its popular wine-themed Advent calendar at a very doable $59.99. In addition to a wide variety of miniature wine bottles, the calendar includes a digital cookbook for perfect-pairing recipes. The best part? It’s got to be the punny name: “Joy to the Wine.” 

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    Connelleys Irish Cream Advent Calendar from Aldi


    Customers love Aldi for its wide variety of goodies and approachable prices—their Advent calendar collection is no different. With themed calendars ranging from the seriously indulgent (we’ve got our eyes on the “12 Days of Irish Cream” coming out on November 24) to the classic (hello, luxury chocolate), there is truly something for everyone here. Prices vary, but you can count on each option being budget-friendly. It’s the Aldi way!

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    Costco Advent Calendar


    We’ll happily spend money at Costco any time of year, but they’re an especially smart pick for holiday shopping. While you’re stocking up on goodies for out-of-town guests and big feasts, you’re going to want to grab one (or more…) of their popular Advent calendars. They carry some non-foodie themes, but it's the Wine ADVENTure Calendar that earns top billing. Retailing for $119.99, this Costco-exclusive collection of wine serves up a half bottle for every day in December until Christmas. $5 for 375 ml is an amazing deal, especially considering the top-tier quality of these wines.

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    Oh What Fun Advent Calendar from Kroger


    We don’t know who told these grocery stores that we’re big wine fans, but… thank you. You’re not wrong. Kroger’s themed Advent calendar this year is all about the Merlot. And the Pinot. Oh, and the Sauvignon Blanc. And the rosé! These miniature bottles are so festive with their “Oh what fun!” custom labels.. Each wine offers a perfect food pairings, and there’s the equivalent of 6 full bottles in this boozy calendar. It retails for $69.99.

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    Sam’s Club

    Sam's Club Cheese Advent Calendar

    Sam's Club

    What doesn’t Sam’s Club do well? We love this retailer for “one trip does it all” shopping, and they’ve outdone themselves on this year’s Advent calendar selection. Although we’re tempted by their specialty cheese calendar ($14.88) and Member’s Mark spirits calendar ($22.98, and including tequila, rum, whiskey, and more), we’ve got to hand it to them for their Oversized Holiday Advent Calendar. It retails for $16.98 and offers a little bit of everything. With picks from big-name purveyors like Harry & David, Ghirardelli, and Walkers, each day of the month will feel like a miniature Christmas morning.

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    Trader Joe’s

    Advent of the Cocktail Hour from Trader Joe's

    Trader Joe's

    If browsing the aisles at Trader Joe’s is one of your favorite leisure activities, you’re going to love their Advent calendar selection. Their 99-cent chocolate calendar is a fan favorite, and they even have calendars for your four-legged furry friends. But we’re betting their “Advent of the Cocktail Hour” will be a best-seller—we’re talking liqueur-filled chocolate truffles.

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    Whole Foods

    12 Days of Clean Beauty Advent Calendar from Whole Foods

    Whole Foods

    While Whole Foods is of course known for their grocery selection, they also have an enviable health and beauty department full of “look good, feel good” products. That’s why we’re excited about their  “12 Days of Clean Beauty Advent Calendar”—it’s the perfect opportunity to test out new skin-friendly and earth-friendly goodies, including a festive Burt’s Bees lip balm and a brightening face wash from Pacifica. Although it retails for $30, it’s valued at over $100!