Hack Chat: Do TikTok Food Hacks Work?

Testing the Best and Worst TikTok Food Hacks

Hack Chat: TikTok Food Hacks

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Welcome to Hack Chat, with The Spruce Eats Editorial Director Heather Ramsdell. In every episode Heather will test some of the most popular food and cooking hacks, so you don't have to! From viral TikTok hacks to popular egg tricks, we're trying all kinds of hacks, tips and tricks and rating them on how helpful, easy, and fun they are.

What Is a Good Hack?

First, what is a hack? It’s an unconventional way of doing something that uses ingenuity to solve a problem. A good hack gets the job done. A bad hack crushes your tomatoes and also your dreams, it’s disappointing, more difficult than the real way to do it, dangerous, and messes up your food or your kitchen. A bad hack makes you feel dumb, and you are definitely not dumb. A good hack saves space, time, effort, or money. It makes things easier and maybe more fun. The Spruce Eats cares about all that!

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    TikTok Food Hacks

    It's time to tackle some popular TikTok Food Hacks on Hack Chat! Heather tries out fluffy Dalgona coffee, pesto eggs, and more in this new episode of Hack Chat. Mostly, she wonders what the difference is between a hack and a plain old recipe.

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    What Is the Best Summer Hack?

    Can you really open a bottle with a piece of paper? Can you eat an ear of corn on the cob in 3 minutes without washing dishes or getting cornsilk all over your kitchen? These summer hacks promise to help you out this summer, whether you're at a picnic, or on the beach, or in a pinch while camping. But will they? Some of them are pretty dumb but a few of them are genius. Which ones will improve your life?

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    Kitchen Gadget Hacks

    Heather Ramsdell, our resident hack expert, tested 7 kitchen gadget hacks to see if they work. What else can an egg slicer chop? Does a pizza wheel double as a salad cutter? Heather shows you which kitchen tools secretly have multiple uses.

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    Egg Hacks

    Welcome to the first episode of Hack Chat! We tested 7 Most Popular egg hacks to see if they work! Let Heather Ramsdell, our Editorial Director, show you which egg hacks are the real deal and share simple tips and tricks to help you save time. How many of these DIY tricks with eggs have you tried? Subscribe to The Spruce Eats for delicious recipes, one-of-a-kind hacks & more every week!

Why Trust The Spruce Eats?

Heather Ramsdell, Senior Editorial Director of The Spruce Eats hosts the YouTube series, Hack Chat. She’s passionate about publishing stories and recipes that are clear and accurate to help home cooks make food they love. She hosts Hack Chat because she believes that you really can build a better mousetrap but dislikes trickery especially if it wastes your time. She grew up in New England and would rather fix than replace things. She has worked as a test kitchen director, cook, author, carpenter, and sculptor’s assistant. She has tested hundreds of hacks in the search for well-designed tricks that make life easier and more fun.