7 Halloween Recipes for Kids

The easiest Halloween recipes the kids can make all by themselves

These Halloween recipes for kids are delightfuly ghoulish and delectably tasty. All of these recipes would make good treats for a Halloween party (either at home or at school) and many of these recipes are simple enough for the kids to make all by themselves. The dirt dessert is especially simple and makes a good cooking activity for very young kids any time of the year.

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    Dirt Dessert Recipe

    Dirt Dessert Recipe
    Stephanie Gallagher

    Halloween recipes for kids don't get much more fun than this one. With chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, crushed Oreos and gummy worms, this dirt is far tastier than it sounds. Young kids, especially, will enjoy making this dirt dessert recipe.

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    Halloween Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

    Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats
    Kellogg North America Company

    These Halloween Rice Krispie treats will make a big impression at your Halloween party. And kids love making these Halloween treats.

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    Mummy Dogs Recipe

    Mummy Dogs
    Stephanie Gallagher

    This is one of those Halloween recipes for kids that's as fun to make as it is to eat. Be sure to use regular (not low fat) crescent dough for these mummy dogs. It's easier to wrap around the hot dogs.

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    Halloween Monster Face Pizzas

    Halloween Pizza
    Stephanie Gallagher

    Halloween recipes for kids should be fun to make, and these Halloween monster face pizzas are. With English muffins as the crust, this Halloween pizza recipe is a cinch to prepare.

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    Halloween Brownies Recipe

    Halloween Brownies
    Stephanie Gallagher

    These brownies make a perfect Halloween recipe for kids, because they start with a mix. Kids love decorating these brownies with candy corn, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows

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    Brain Jello Mold Recipe

    Jello Brain Mold
    Stephanie Gallagher

    Gross Halloween recipes like this one are a favorite with kids of all ages. Kids will delight in how disgusting this brain Jello mold looks. But once they taste it, they'll want more.

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    Halloween Punch Recipe

    Halloween Punch
    Stephanie Gallagher

    I call this Halloween punch "vampire blood" just to delight and scare the little ghosts and goblins at my kids' Halloween party. Serving this Halloween punch in glasses rimmed with colored sugar doesn't hurt either.