14 Healthy Cod Recipes

Baked lemon cod recipe

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Cod is a commonly sold fish that has white, flaky flesh when cooked. It's naturally lean and healthy seafood that works well in a wide range of recipes. Whether you're firing up the grill, preheating the oven, or looking for a whole new way to cook cod, these low-fat, low-calorie recipes are delicious any night of the week.

Fresh or frozen fish will work well for any of these recipes. When using frozen fish, defrost in the refrigerator overnight for the best quality. Use as soon as possible to keep your dish fresh-tasting.

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    Low-Fat Spice-Rubbed Cod

    Low fat spice rubbed cod recipe

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    A mixture of paprika, cumin, coriander, and turmeric add lovely spice to naturally low-fat cod fillets. Finish with a squeeze of lemon, or serve with fresh-cut lemon wedges on the side.

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    Cornflake-Crusted Baked Cod

    Baked cod with cornflake crust recipe

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    Cod is frequently battered and deep-fried, but it's not the healthiest option. Try topping cod fillets with a crispy cornflake crust and baking them instead. You'll achieve similar texture and flavors with a fraction of the fat content.

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    Creamy Fish Chowder

    Creamy Fish Chowder Recipe

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    Creamy fish chowder has all of the flavor and creamy texture you'd expect from a seafood soup without the calories. Instead of calling for heavy cream or half-and-half, the recipe uses milk and a simple roux. For an even lighter dish, use low-fat milk.

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    Grilled Onion-Butter Cod

    Grilled butter onion cod recipe

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    Grilled until perfectly smoky and flaky, cod fillets are topped with an onion-butter sauce for a tasty main dish. You can swap some or all of the butter for extra-virgin olive oil to make this grilled cod recipe even healthier.

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    Easy and Delicious Thai Fish Curry

    Thai Fish Curry recipe

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    A fragrant and flavorful Thai fish curry is a meal your family won't soon forget. Full of vegetables and aromatics along with healthy fish like cod, it's a one-dish meal. Use low-fat coconut milk to reduce the fat in the recipe, and try serving with brown rice or quinoa for extra nutrition.

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    Easy Provencal Fish

    Easy provencal fish recipe

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    Ready in just 30 minutes, Provencal fish is inspired by the simple but flavorful cuisine of Southern France. A hearty sauce of tomato, onion, bell pepper, and plenty of garlic pairs nicely with the tender fish. Use high-quality olives and drizzle with good olive oil before serving.

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    Parmesan Crusted Baked Fish

    Parmesan baked fish recipe

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    Crisp and flaky, Parmesan-crusted baked fish is infinitely more hands-off than fried fish and lower in calories and fat, too. This recipe is easily halved or doubled and is fun to serve with oven fries for a take on fish and chips.

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    Chinese Ginger-Soy Steamed Fish

    Ginger soy steamed fish recipe

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    Steaming is a popular way to enjoy fish in Chinese cuisine, and is a nice way to make moist cod fillets that are low in fat. A ginger-soy sauce adds flavor as the fish gently cooks. Serve the steamed fish with rice to soak up all of the tasty sauce.

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    Hearty Crock Pot Fish Stew

    Crock Pot Fish Stew recipe

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    And lean, white fish fillets will work for this crock pot stew recipe. The combination of bell pepper, tomato, zucchini, spices, and fish makes a delicious and easy meal. Serve it with crusty bread or over a whole grain to soak up the sauce.

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    Easy British Fish Pie

    Fish Pie Recipe

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    Fish pie is a staple dish in England, and is similar to a shepherd or cottage pie but with a fish filling. It's a one-dish meal and is especially satisfying on a cold winter night. To keep this dish low-fat, top with a cauliflower and potato mash.

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    Healthy Baked Lemon Garlic Cod

    Baked lemon cod recipe

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    Baked in a simple but delicious lemon-garlic sauce, this healthy cod recipe is also extremely easy to make. While your cod fillets cook, you'll have a few minutes to make a couple of side dishes, like brown rice and steamed green beans.

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    Crispy Lemon Codfish

    Crispy lemon codfish recipe

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    Pan-fried in a small amount of oil and butter instead of deep-fried, these codfish fillets are crisp and light. To keep the dish on the healthier side, omit the lemon-butter sauce and serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon instead. The fillets are perfect for making sandwiches or topping a salad.

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    Meen Kulambu: South Indian Fish Curry

    South Indian Fish Curry recipe

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    Meen kulambu is a South Indian curry packed with a tangy, savory flavor. Tamarind adds much of the flavor along with chiles, garlic, and spices. To reduce the calories, use low-fat coconut milk, and serve with a healthy side dish like dosas.

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    Grilled Tandoori Cod

    Tandoori Cod recipe

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    A marinade of yogurt, garlic, ginger, and spices adds a well-rounded flavor to grilled tandoori cod. For best results, let the fish marinate in the refrigerator for an hour and bring up to room temperature before grilling. Because of the marinade, it's best to cook the fish in another vessel on top of the grill.