Healthy Recipes for Special Diets: Low-Cal, Fat-Free, Gluten-Free and More

Healthy recipes and meal ideas for any special diet!

Healthy recipes to browse through for healthy meal and recipe ideas, including ideas for low calorie eating, healthy vegan meals and more healthy foods!

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    Healthy Green Salads

    Browse through this collection of healthy salad recipes and learn to turn a boring pile of lettuce into a colorful and textured healthy meal. Watch the dressing, of course, as a fatty and creamy salad dressing can turn a healthy salad recipe into a fat and calorie nightmare. You might be interested in checking out a few lighter salad dressings.
    Pictured: Kale and feta superfood salad recipe

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    Gluten-free Vegetarian Recipes

    Browse through plenty of healthy gluten-free vegetarian breakfast ideas, desserts, soups and sides. Because they're all vegetarian (and mostly vegan), most of these healthy recipes are low-cholesterol or cholesterol-free, too. Pictured: Healthy chana masala with spinach

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    Healthy Desserts

    ice cream
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    Salads and veggies are great, but what about when you just want something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Looking for healthy dessert recipes? Here they are! Browse through this collection of healthy cookies, sugar-free desserts, baked fruit desserts and more. No need to be deprived!
    Pictured: Low-calorie, fat-free chocolate sorbet

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    High-protein Vegetarian Recipes

    Vegetarian Chili
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    There's really no need to be worried about getting enough protein on a healthy vegetarian or even vegan diet. Browse through these healthy high-protein breakfasts, entree and dessert ideas to see just how easy it is to get all your nutrients - including protein - without eating meat. Pictured: High-protein Vegetarian Tofu Chili

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    Fat-free, Cholesterol-free Recipes

    Shrimp and vegetable rice paper spring rolls, square crop
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    This healthy recipe collection includes all fat-free and cholesterol-free meals, but don't worry, they're certainly not taste-free! These recipes use plenty of naturally healthy flavor enhancers such as fresh herbs and spices to perk them up. Try a fat-free vegan pasta salad, a healthy fat-free vegetarian chili or a fragrant Thai saffron rice dish. Each of the recipes included in this healthy collection has a nutritional breakdown, so you can be certain of your nutritional intake.
    Pictured: Fat-free Thai bean-thread spring rolls

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    Low-calorie Vegetarian Recipes

    Thai curry with vegetables and toasted pistachios
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    Keeping recipes low-calorie and healthy is easier when eating vegetarian. Using lots of fresh vegetables and avoiding oil helps. Most of these healthy low-calorie meal ideas use simmered, boiled or roasted vegetables instead of sauteed or fried to reduce the amount of calories. Browse through this collection of low-calories vegetarian soups, desserts and various healthy recipes.
    Pictured: Low-calorie vegetable Thai curry

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    Healthy Whole Grain Recipes

    Quinoa broccoli carrot curry
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    Adding whole grains into your life is a great way to give yourself a simple nutritional boost. Try having whole grains for breakfast instead of processed breads or cereals, or pair a vegetable stir-fry with a whole grain instead of plain white rice.
    Pictured: Curried Quinoa Pilaf

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    Healthy Raw Vegan Recipes

    Raw vegan paleo style cookies
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    Looking for healthy recipes? Exploring raw food recipes is one way to be absolutely sure that your meals are low-fat, nutrient rich, and healthy enough for the entire family, including the kids. Even if you're not eating a fully raw diet, enjoying a healthy raw dish a few times a week will give your nutrient intake a boost and your digestive system a quick break. Browse through this recipe collection of healthy raw vegan recipes, including entrees, soups and raw vegan desserts.
    Pictured: Healthy Banana Date Cookies

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    Vegan Recipes and More Vegan Recipes

    Did you know that ALL vegan foods are, by their very nature, 100% cholesterol-free? It's true! If you're looking to eat healthier, vegan foods are the way to go. Watch out for hydrogenated oils and added sugar, of course. Here's hundreds of easy vegan recipes to get you started on a healthier path. 
    Pictured: Bok choy and shiitake mushroom stir-fry over quinoa