4 Truly Satisfying Veggie-Filled Bowls

There’s nothing quite like digging into a big, nourishing bowl. Consider these veg-centric bowls your new healthy go-to's. There’s an Asian-inspired veggie stir-fry; a Mediterranean veggie medley; a colorful roasted veggie bowl; and a salmon poke bowl. With these four recipes on rotation, you’ll have an impressive range of flavors—and nutrients—at your fingertips. 


Watch Now: 4 Truly Satisfying Veggie-Filled Bowls

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    Nourishing Mediterranean Quinoa Veggie Bowl

    The Spruce

    Looking for a satisfying vegetarian meal? Look no further than this wholesome quinoa bowl. Quinoa is the base for a medley of big Mediterranean flavors: roasted red pepper-almond dip, cucumbers, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, red onion, pepperoncini, avocado, and parsley. The result is the perfect mix of crisp and creamy textures, plus fresh and warming flavors. 

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    Veggie Stir-Fry Zen Crunch Bowl

    The Spruce

    Scratch that stir-fry itch with this flavor-packed vegetarian dish. Brown rice is loaded with fresh veggies like broccoli, carrots, peas, and kale—plus roasted cashews and chickpeas. Finish with a gingery, honey-sweetened miso dressing, it’s crunchy, nutritious, and super satisfying. In other words, a bowl of zen. 

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    Taste the Rainbow: Roasted Rainbow Veggie Bowl

    The Spruce

    The roasted veggie dish is loaded with color and goodness. Portobello mushrooms, butternut squash, and beets are roasted with fresh thyme. The tender veggies meet shredded kale, white beans, and kimchi on a base of white rice. A lemony tahini-soy sauce ties it all together for a dish that’s soulful in the healthiest way possible. 

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    Salmon Poke Bowl

    The Spruce

    Whether you dream of poke or you’re just now learning that it’s pronounced “poh-kay," you'll want this recipe for this Hawaiian standby. Cubes of raw sockeye salmon are tossed with a nutty-spicy-salty sauce, then served over kale with pickled cucumbers, creamy Sriracha sauce, and crisp cabbage. The result is light, healthy, and full of island-fresh flavor.