9 French Comfort Foods for Winter

Make these healthy winter comfort food recipes when you're looking for a balance of nourishing, seasonal ingredients cooked into hearty winter fare. These heartwarming dishes give all the cozy richness of comfort food without all the calories and fat.

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    French Carrot Soup Recipe

    Purée of Carrot Soup

    The Spruce / Ali Redmond

    This nourishing carrot soup recipe is an easy and elegant way to cut costs at dinnertime. Carrots are inexpensive and available year-round, yet they’re tasty and packed with vitamin A, potassium, lutein, and fiber. This pureed soup is made with water, not broth or cream, so it’s both low fat and vegan–a perfect offering for a variety of dinner guests.

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    Zesty Tapenade Recipe

    Olive tapenaude

    The Spruce

    This tapenade recipe, a complexly flavored but easily prepared olive spread, is a staple of Provence, in the South of France. Accent sandwiches, mix it into a cheese ball, American-style, or serve it with sliced baguettes and crudités for a lovely, elegant appetizer.

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    Winter Vegetable Ragout Recipe

    Vegetable Ragout

    Dorling Kindersley /- Getty Images

    Warm and inviting, this winter vegetable ragout makes the perfect home-style dinner. Serve this simple vegetable stew with a bottle of wine, a loaf of country bread, and a crisp, green salad for a complete meal.

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    Provencal Tomato Rice Soup Recipe

    Provencal Tomato Rice Soup
    Provencal Tomato Rice Soup.

    ma-k / Getty Images

    Both dried and fresh Provencal herbs enhance tangy tomatoes in this vividly flavored soup. Rice cooked directly in the vegetable broth gives off just enough starchiness to thicken the consistency. Serve this first course with a medium-acid red wine.

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    Bouillabaisse Recipe


    StockFood / Getty Images

    This bouillabaisse recipe is an heirloom recipe dating back 150 years to my ancestors in the south of France. This is the original Marseille bouillabaisse, a simple seafood stew fishermen made with their unsalable fish. 

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    Instant Pot French Onion Soup

    Instant Pot French Onion Soup
    Diana Rattray

    French onion soup is a classic comfort food of a few simple and delicious ingredients that are more than the sum of their parts. Naturally sweet onions are cooked in beef stock and topped with crusty bread and hot, bubbly cheese for a perfect wintry meal.

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    Herbed White Bean Soup Recipe

    White Bean Soup
    White Bean Soup.

    Paul Poplis / Getty Images

    White beans sometimes carry the connotation of being boring though perhaps a better way to view them is a delicious, blank culinary canvas, though. For one,  their creamy texture is nothing short of addictive; it adds a velvety mouth-feel to any dish, without adding any fat. 

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    Classic Ratatouille


    The Spruce

    Stacked with tomatoes, peppers, onions, olive oil, and zucchini how could this dish not be the ultimate comfort food. So delicious even in winter as it makes a side dish for meat and fish or simply great on its own with crusty bread. 

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    Flamme Kuchen

    bacon and onion tart
    Bacon and Onion Tarte Flamme. Getty Images

    With its wafer-thin base and a topping of healthy onions and this is the perfect comfort food and a healthier alternative to a traditional pizza. Use the Tarte Flamme as a meal in itself with a salad or slice up for a lunch box. Comfort food in your hand.​