18 Hearty Savory Pie Recipes

From chicken pot pie to shepherd's pie to tamale pie

Two individual servings of chicken pot pie

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When it's cold outside, everyone wants to come home to a hot, hearty meal, preferably full of meats and vegetables. Savory pies—including pot pie, shepherd's pie, and tamale pie—are traditionally a combination of cooked meats and vegetables in a savory gravy or sauce, baked in a casserole dish with a topping of pie crust or pastry dough. These pies usually don't have a bottom crust, which means they are easy to make and serve.

Use your imagination when thinking about making your own savory pies. They are the perfect way to use up leftovers, and you can be creative with the crust. Toppings can include puff pastry, biscuit dough, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and refrigerated pie crusts. Just make sure the filling is hot when you place the crust on top so it will bake all the way through and become tender and flaky.

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    Chicken Pot Pie With Herbs

    classic chicken pot pie in pie plate with one slice cut out
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    The classic chicken pot pie gets an extra boost of flavor and freshness with some chopped chives and parsley in this delicious chicken pot pie with herbs recipe. The chicken gets a little zest from Cajun seasoning and combines with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, and peas to make a filling and complete meal. Top the casserole with ready-made puff pastry or pie crust.

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    Shepherd's Pie With Ground Turkey

    Vegetarian shepherd's pie topped with mashed potatoes
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    Switch up the typical shepherd's pie and replace the lamb or beef with some lean ground turkey. The meat is browned and cooked along with carrots, peas, corn, tomatoes, and tomato paste, making for a healthy but hearty filling. A homemade mashed potato topping gives this casserole a creamy and comforting finish.

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    Beef Tamale Crock Pot Pie

    Crock pot beef tamale pie topped with a cheesy cornbread batter

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    Except for a few minutes of sautéing the ground beef, onion, and garlic on the stovetop, this beef tamale pie is left to cook unattended in the crock pot. The beef mixture is combined with bell pepper, beans, salsa, and seasonings and topped with a cheesy cornbread batter. Several hours later, you are rewarded with a satisfying dinner full of flavor and texture.

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    Turkey Pot Pie

    Turkey pot pie encased in pastry dough

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    Perfect after the holidays when you can't stomach another leftover turkey dinner, this easy pot pie recipe calls for leftover cooked turkey, along with frozen mixed vegetables and prepared pastry dough. A simple homemade white sauce brings it all together. This recipe calls for a bottom crust, but feel free to leave out if you like.

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    Savory Shrimp Pie With Mushrooms

    Scooping out a piece of shrimp pie with creamy sherry-flavored sauce

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    An elegant meal that is easy to make, this shrimp pie pairs the sweetness of shellfish with a creamy sherry-flavored sauce. Mushrooms offer a bit of earthiness and red potato brings tender texture to the mixture, all of which are enclosed in a buttery puff pastry topping.

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    Chicken Pot Pie With Cheese Biscuit Topping

    Chicken pie with cheese and green onion biscuits in a baking dish

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    When the time allows and you're in a cooking mood, this chicken pot pie recipe will bring tremendous satisfaction. A delicious filling of chicken and vegetables in a creamy sauce is made on the stovetop and then topped with homemade cheddar cheese buttermilk biscuits. The biscuit dough is pulled together in a food processor, making for easy preparation.

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    Cottage Pie

    Cottage pie with beef, peas, carrots, and mashed potatoes

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    Although cottage pie and shepherd's pie seem identical, a traditional shepherd's pie is made with lamb while cottage pie features beef. This recipe calls for leftover roast beef, as well as leftover mashed potatoes, making it an ideal dish after a holiday meal. The filling is seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and studded with peas and carrots, topped with a creamy potato mixture, and baked until hot and golden brown.

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    Pork Pot Pie

    Individual servings of pork pot pie

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    Although a store-bought pie dough can be used, it might be fun to try this homemade recipe with vodka (swapping out some of the water for alcohol makes for a flakier crust). And, considering the filling calls for leftover cooked pork and comes together quickly, you will have plenty of time to make the pot pie topping from scratch.

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    Tex-Mex Beef and Biscuit Casserole

    Tex-Mex style beef and biscuit casserole topped with a sprinkling of cheese

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    Put that refrigerated biscuit dough to good use in this flavorful creamy beef and chile casserole. Half of the raw biscuits are placed in the bottom of a baking pan and covered with a cooked filling of ground beef, onion, mild green chiles, seasonings, and tomato sauce that is combined with a cheesy sour cream mixture. The remaining biscuits go on top with a sprinkling of cheese, and the casserole is baked until golden brown.

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    Slow-Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

    Slow cooker chicken pot pie topped with premade pie crust

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    Let your crock pot do most of the work when making this simple chicken (or turkey) pot pie. To make the filling, the cooked meat is combined with chicken broth, seasonings, and vegetables in the slow cooker and left for several hours until the potatoes are tender and the sauce has thickened. Top with premade pie crust and bake until golden brown and bubbling.

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    Baked Beans and Hot Dogs With Biscuit Toppings

    Baked beans and hot dogs with a biscuit topping

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    Whether you overbought for the weekend barbecue, or are looking to clean out the pantry and freezer, this casserole brings hot dogs, baked beans, and biscuits into one tasty dish the whole family will love. The canned beans get dressed up with sautéed onion and bell pepper, barbecue sauce, mustard, and brown sugar, and are mixed with sliced hot dogs. The filling is topped with frozen biscuits, topped with shredded cheese, and baked until golden and bubbling.

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    Tamale Pie With Cornbread Crust

    Tamale pie with cornbread crust

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    The great thing about this recipe is that you can use whatever you have in the kitchen. This recipe calls for ground beef, but you can use turkey. Corn and black olives are on the ingredient list but feel free to add or sub in beans or chiles. The meat is cooked and then simmered along with tomato sauce, vegetables, and seasonings, and the filling is sandwiched between a cornmeal batter tinged with chili powder and baked until a nice crust has formed.

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    Easy Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

    Serving easy chicken pot pie casserole

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    Frozen mixed vegetables, canned cream of mushroom soup, and premade biscuit mix mean this chicken pot pie comes together somewhat quickly. You also don't have to cook the chicken beforehand—simply cut it up and place in the bottom of the baking dish, and cover with the vegetables, seasoned biscuit mix, and soup and broth. Top with shredded cheese and bake until bubbling and chicken is cooked through.

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    Vegan 'Chicken' Pot Pie

    Vegan chicken pot pies

    The Spruce Eats / Lori Pedrick

    With all of the tasty vegan ingredients available, it is simple to make this comfort food favorite dairy free and egg free. Vegan "chicken," margarine, and stock bring the familiar flavors to this "chicken" pot pie, along with all of the ubiquitous vegetables and herbs. Luckily, it is easy to find vegan-friendly puff pastry, including the Pepperidge Farm brand.

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    Hamburger Casserole With Biscuit Topping

    Hamburger casserole with a parsley biscuit topping

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    A hamburger on a bun is always a winner, but a burger on a biscuit is even better. This recipe deconstructs the two and layers them in a casserole that is full of flavor. Ground beef is browned and then simmered with onion, celery, bell pepper, seasonings, and tomato soup and then topped with a homemade parsley biscuit dough. Once baked, you can invert onto a platter or simply scoop out to serve.

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    Instant Pot Chicken Pot Pie

    Serving Instant Pot chicken pot pie with a side of broccoli

    The Spruce / Zorica Lakonic

    This recipe does require several steps, but the instant pot and food processor do speed up the process. The raw chicken, potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, and chicken stock go into the instant pot to swiftly make the pot pie filling while you make a homemade pastry crust in the food processor. The sauce is cooked on the stovetop, added to the chicken and vegetables, the mixture is turned into a deep baking dish, and then covered with the pastry and baked.

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    Leftover Steak Pot Pie With Vegetables

    Steak pot pie with vegetables on a plate

     The Spruce

    Whether there's some extra beef roast or a bit of last night's steak dinner, using leftover cooked meat (and premade pie crust) means this pot pie comes together quickly. The meat, peas, carrots, and parsley are added to a sauce made of butter, onion, flour, and beef broth, and the mixture is poured into a baking dish, covered with the dough, and baked until golden and bubbling.

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    Quick and Easy Shepherd's Pie

    An individual serving of shepherd's pie topped with premade mashed potatoes

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    Traditional shepherd's pie can be a very complicated and time-consuming dish. This recipe, however, uses just five ingredients so it's ready for the oven in minutes. Ground beef is first browned and cooked along with frozen mixed vegetables and cream of mushroom soup. Then the mixture is seasoned, placed in a baking dish, topped with premade mashed potatoes, and baked until bubbling and golden brown.