Hector Rodriguez

Hector Rodriguez is a food service industry professional and freelance writer who was born and raised on the enchanting island of Puerto Rico, where he began preparing traditional Latin dishes in the kitchens of his grandmother and mother.


Hector has traveled throughout the Spanish speaking Caribbean islands, trading recipes and trying new dishes. He is a native Puerto Rican whose growing up and living on the island have provided him with an intimate and cultural understanding of Latin Caribbean food. He collects Latin American inspired recipes and cookbooks.

He has over 22 years experience as a food service professional in the United States Army. His last assignment was Senior Food Service Supervisor. MSG Rodriguez wrote and consulted on several publications including quality control manuals, dining facililty (DEFAC) management policies, how to best use DEFAC personnel, and he had input on the building and design of a dining facility he managed. He recently retired from the military and plans on opening his own business soon.

Hector Rodriguez

Latin Caribbean cuisine is as passionate as the people of the islands. Please join me as I guide you through the common misconcepetions this unique cuisine. For example, many people who are unfamiliar with the Spanish influenced dishes of the islands mistakenly believe that the cuisine is fiery. It's true that some dishes call for hot peppers, but for the most part the food is flavorful not spicy. In most cases, you can leave out hot peppers or substitute milder peppers to your liking.

Whether you are a novice or have been cooking Latin dishes for years, you will find this site to be an inspirational, straightforward approach to cooking. Enjoy your visit at About Latin Caribbean Cuisine.

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