Hemp food recipes

Kale salad with hemp seeds
Pictured: Kale salad with hemp seeds.

Recipes using hemp protein powder:

Hemp is one of my favorite vegan protein powders, and it's a great way to add a bit of extra protein and fiber to plenty of meals. I like to add a bit of hemp protein powder to a morning bowl of oatmeal or quinoa flakes and add a bit to smoothies. Here's a few more ways to use hemp protein powder:

Recipes using hemp seeds:

After hemp protein, hemp seeds are probably the most common form of hemp you can find. Sometimes called hemp hearts, hemp seeds are sold at most specialty health food stores and organic grocers. 

Recipes using hemp oil:

Yes, it's a little bit green, but that's ok. Hemp oil is best used cold that is, in dressings, dips and sauces (for example, pesto) rather than as a cooking oil. Here's a few ways to use hemp oil:

Recipes using hemp seed butter:

Recipes using hemp milk: