Break away from the simple, tried and true combination of salt and pepper by exploring recipes that highlight all kinds of flavorful dried or fresh herbs and spices.
grains of paradise in a while bowl.
What Are Grains of Paradise?
Homemade Creme de Menthe Liqueur
Homemade Crème de Menthe Recipe
pumpkin pie spice in a bowl
Pumpkin Pie Spice
What Is Mitsuba?
Paprika in a wooden spoon
What's a Good Paprika Substitute?
Nigerian Curry Powder Recipe
Nigerian Curry Powder
Top view of delicious octopus with potato,olive oil and smoked paprika on table
Smoked Paprika Is the Solution to Your Cooking Fatigue
spices for homemade sazon seasoning
Homemade Sazón Recipe
Add pine nuts
How to Pesto Anything
How to Make the Most of Your Spices
Ginger soy steamed fish recipe
17 Best Ginger Recipes
Suya Spice
Suya Spice
Tomato powder
What Is Tomato Powder?
Dandelion Tea
What Is Dandelion Tea?
Easy Ras El Hanout Recipe
How To Maximize Your Spice Cabinet
Dried long peppers on a white plate.
What Is Long Pepper?
Shiso leaves
What Are Shiso Leaves?
Tonic Water
What Is Tonic Water?
Guava Leaf Tea
Guava Leaf Tea
Spices in Bags
Create Your Own Spice Blends, Based on the World's Cuisine
How to peel garlic
How to Peel Garlic
Aleppo pepper
What Is Aleppo Pepper?
A variety of flavored olive oils in various shaped bottles
How to Make Flavored Herbal Oils for Cooking
Mint Simple Syrup
Mint Simple Syrup
Storing Fresh Herbs
How to Store Fresh Herbs So They Last Longer
Jars of dried herbs and spices
Basic Recipes for Homemade Spice Blends
Herbs and spices
The Essential Pantry Spices List
Mexican spice mix recipe
Mexican Spice Mix
What Is Dill?
Cumin seeds
Top Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices and Herbs
Za'atar Middle Eastern spice mixture recipe in a bowl with a spoon
Za'atar Middle Eastern Spice Mixture
Overhead view of an assortment of spices
Eastern European Herbs and Spices Starting With Letters A to H
Dry Herbs and Spices for Bread Bakers
Mace and mace powder
What Is Mace?
French fries sprinkled with salt
Six Functions of Salt in Food
Coriander seeds and coriander powder
The Long History and Many Uses of Coriander
whole and ground cardamom spice
What Is Cardamom?
whole cloves
What Are Cloves?
What Is Achiote?
Cinnamon sugar in jar
How to Make Quick and Easy Cinnamon Sugar
What Is a Capon?
Cinnamon sticks on ground cinnamon
All About Cinnamon and Cassia
Basket of fruit and vegetables
Greek Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs That Are in Season Now
turmeric root and powder
6 Moroccan Super Spices That Boost Your Health
Different tea blends in bowls on table
How to Make Your Own Herb Tea Blends
illustration showing how to store fresh dill
3 Methods for Preserving Fresh Dill
A dandelion plant
How to Make Dandelion Infused Oil
Close-up of dandelion jam
Dandelion Herbal Jelly
Bottles of herbs
How to Make Herbal Infusions
Onions and herbs
5 Great Herbs for Seasoning Onion Dishes
Blackened Seasoning
Blackened Seasoning
Homemade chili powder
Homemade Chili Powder
fresh culantro
What Is Culantro?
Chicken Adobo
Adobo Seasoning: Description, Ingredients, and Recipes
anise seed in a square bowl
What Is Anise Seed?
Star Anise
What Is Star Anise?
What Is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)?
White and black sesame seeds
What Is Sesame in Chinese Cooking?
Hoja Santa Acuyo
What Is Hoja Santa?
Taco spices
Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix