Herbs Used in Greek Cooking

Freshly cut dill, chives and flat leaf parsley
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This list includes herbs commonly used in Greek cooking. Follow linked herb names to more detailed descriptions and information.

This list does not include herbs used to make the many delicious and reportedly therapeutic Greek herbal teas, which can be found under Greek Teas.

Note on pronunciations:

  • Accented syllables are shown in capital letters.
  • The "hard th" is the th sound in the word "the." The "soft th" is the th sound in the word "thanks."

Name: Arugula (Rocket)
Greek Name: Roka
Pronounced: ROE-kah
Name in Greek: ρόκα

Name: Basil
Greek Name: Vasilikos
Pronounced: vah-see-lee-KOHS (rhymes with "dose")
Name in Greek: βασιλικός

Name: Bay Leaf
Greek Name: Daphni
Pronounced: THAHF-nee (hard th)
Name in Greek: δάφνη

Name: Dill
Greek Name: Anithos
Pronounced: AH-nee-thohs (soft th, end rhymes with "dose")
[bName in Greek: άνηθος

Name: Fennel (leaves)
Greek Name: Maratho
Pronounced: MAH-rah-thoh (soft th sound)
Name in Greek: μάραθο

Name: Marjoram
Greek Name: Mantzourana
Pronounced: mahn-dzoo-RAH-nah
Name in Greek: μαντζουράνα

Name: Mint (Spearmint)
Greek Name: Dyosmos
Pronounced: thee-OHZ-mohs (hard th, end rhymes with "dose")
Name in Greek: δυόσμος

Name: Oregano (Greek)
Greek Name: Rigani
Pronounced: REE-gah-nee
Name in Greek: ρίγανη

Name: Parsley
Greek Name: Maïdanos
Pronounced: mah-ee-dah-NOHS (rhymes with "dose")
Name in Greek: μαϊντανός

Name: Purslane
Greek Name: Glistritha
Pronounced: ghlee-STREE-thath (hard th)
Name in Greek: γλιστρίδα

  • also known as antrakla, αντράκλα, say: ahn-DRAK-lah

Name: Rosemary
Greek Name: Thentrolivano
Pronounced: then-droh-LEE-vah-no (hard th)
Name in Greek: δεντρολίβανο

Name: Sage
Greek Name: Faskomilo
Pronounced: fahs-KOH-mee-lo
Name in Greek: φασκόμηλο

Name: Savory
Greek Name: Throubi
Pronounced: throo-BEE (soft th)
Name in Greek: θρουμπί

Name: Tarragon
Greek name: Estragon
Pronounced: es-trah-GON
Name in Greek: εστραγκόν

Name: Thyme
Greek Name: Thymari
Pronounced: thee-MAH-ree (soft th)
Name in Greek: θυμάρι

Name: Wild Celery/Italian Cutting Celery
Greek Name: Selino
Pronounced: SEH-lee-noh
Name in Greek: σέλινο