Herbs Used To Season Onion Dishes

What Herbs Can Be Used To Season Onion Recipes?

Onion herbs
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Onions are a delicious food that doesn't often get the spotlight. This is too bad. Here on the farm, onions are considered an early spring vegetable, and we wait in anticipation for the first wild onions to show themselves each spring. Even the children enjoy eating a side dish of sautéed onions, the natural sweetness of the onion is brought out with a low, slow cook time. When the weather is still cool and wet in the spring, it is wonderful to be able to offer a fresh vegetable on the dinner table.

Add some of these herbs (fresh or dried both work equally well), to create a fabulously different dish.


Basil is a wonderful addition to a dish of onions. The nice thing about basil, is that you can grow it all winter indoors, making it available fresh, when the onions are ready in the spring. Add minced basil to whatever oil you are using, and then add the onions. Just before serving, add some chopped basil for an extra punch of flavor.

I have excellent luck dehydrating basil with a fan only in the dehydrator. After years of recommending against dehydrating it, this year my opinion has changed, and I have plenty of dried basil for my onion dishes.


Oregano is another herb that pairs very well with onion dishes. The strong flavor combines with the stronger flavor of onion, each softening the other ingredient and resulting in a perfect pairing.

The more intense flavor of dried oregano is best used with a light hand, or it can overpower the dish.


In early spring, you may have an abundance of dried sage left over from the previous season.

Early spring onions are a great way to use up your stash, and the results are delicious!

We often eat sage and onions Crostini before as a fresh appetizer in the early spring, when there is not much else to enjoy from the garden. It has become a classic spring dish for us!


Tarragon has a naturally appealing flavor for using with onions. We often pair it with eggs as well, so often it ends up as a light brunch of egg, tarragon and onion dish.


Thyme is just amazing as an herb for onion dishes. For such a tiny leaf, thyme pack s a big punch, holding its own with the stronger flavor of even wild onions. Try using thyme to bring depth to a simple onion quiche, or onion flavored bread.

Thyme is often dried in my kitchen, because I save throughout the entire growing season, as I keep the plant trimmed tightly to the rock garden where it lives. By the end of the spring, I have managed to use all of the dried thyme in my onion and egg dishes. I pretend that was the plan all along.

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