High Protein Vegetarian Entrees, Main Dishes and Dinners

Black bean burger with avocado cream
Black bean burger with avocado cream. Dorling Kindersley: Charlotte Tolhurst / Getty Images

Looking for a few dinner or main dish ideas to make sure you're getting plenty of protein on a vegetarian diet or for your vegetarian (or vegan!) family? Chances are, you're getting plenty of protein without even thinking about it (though you should be sure to watch out for these other nutrients, particularly if you're vegan), but if you want to be extra-sure, try a few of these recipes listed below.

Other ideas for high-protein vegetarian meals? Anything with peanut sauce (or almond butter sauce!), anything with tofu, tempeh, seitan or another meat substitute, bean soup, lentil soup or just about any kind of vegetarian chili with beans

Each one of these vegetarian high-protein recipes has a complete nutritional breakdown so you'll know just how much protein you're getting in each serving. I've noted which of these vegetarian recipes are vegan as well with a "V".

High protein vegetarian entrees and mains: