11 High Protein Salads and Sandwiches for Vegetarians and Vegans

Quinoa and Fresh Vegetables
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Looking for a meat-free high protein lunch idea? You've come to the right place. Each one of these high-protein sandwiches and salads has a complete nutritional breakdown so you'll know just how much protein you're getting in each serving. I've noted which of these vegetarian recipes are vegan as well with a "V". If you need a high-protein vegetarian lunch idea, you might also want to try packing up a high-protein soup or chili into a glass or tupperware container to heat up at the office, if you can. Here's a few of my favorite high-protein vegetarian and vegan soups and chili recipes to try. 

Just need some quick tips? When it comes to salads, add in some cubed tofu, a handful of edamame, or, my personal favorite, hemp seeds, to give your favorite green salad a serious vegan protein boost. I also like to keep cooked lentils on hand to add a tablespoon or two into just about any salad (or, you can pop a can or get the kind that come in a bag pre-cooked). 

When it comes to high-protein sandwiches, look for high-protein ingredients such as tempeh, tofu and meat substitutes if you're not eating cheese.

High-protein Salads:

High-protein Sandwiches: 

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