Hoisin Sauce Recipes

The sweet and salty flavors of hoisin sauce are found in everything from marinades to dipping sauce. These hoisin sauce recipes highlight the versatility of this popular Chinese seasoning.

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    Chinese style BBQ pork

    The Spruce


    This five-star-rated recipe is a good choice for those who love Chinese barbecued pork and don’t have easy access to a Chinese/Asian market. The marinade ingredients, from hoisin sauce to five-spice powder to honey, are all available at most larger supermarkets. The one exception is rice wine – dry sherry makes a good substitute.
    Char Siu – for comparison, another recipe made with yellow bean sauce (brown bean sauce) and maltose.

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    Shanghai Stir-Fried Noodles

    The Spruce

    In this popular noodle dish, thick Shanghai noodles are paired with shredded cabbage and then lightly tossed with hoisin sauce (thinned with water) at the end of cooking.

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    Cashew Chicken
    darrenwise / Getty Images

    Chunks of chicken breast are marinated with ginger juice and then paired with roasted cashews in a hoisin-flavored sauce. You can purchase ginger juice at most supermarkets, or here are instructions on how to make ginger juice. This recipe has been rated at 5 out of 5 stars.

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    Mini spare ribs
    martinturzak / Getty Images
    A reader gives this recipe five stars and writes: "I just made this recipe tonight for my Chinese father-in-law. It was exactly like the spare ribs we all love to eat in Hong Kong!"
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    Pork with noodles
    martinturzak / Getty Images

    Hoisin sauce has a natural affinity for pork. In this recipe, it is paired with marinated pork and snow peas in a quick and easy stir-fry.

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    Mongolian Beef
    va103 / Getty Images
    Hoisin sauce lends flavor to the sauce in this stir-fry dish. The recipe calls for baby corn, but feel free to substitute bamboo shoots if desired.
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    Dipping meat in Hoisin sauce
    Vickie Ho / EyeEm Getty Images

    Hoisin sauce is paired with Asian sesame oil, chili paste, dark soy sauce, fresh garlic and ginger and peanuts in this flavorful dipping sauce.

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    Mu-shu pork dish
    Rita Maas / Getty Images

    This popular dish consists of strips of pork paired with an assortment of Chinese vegetables, including dried lily buds, and bits of scrambled egg. Traditionally, Mu Shu Pork is meant to be eaten taco-style; wrapped in thin pancakes that have first been brushed with hoisin sauce.
    Much Ado About Mu Shu – learn more about Mu Shu Pork

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    Chicken wings with Hoisin sauce in a roasting dish
    Ian Garlick / Getty Images
    This recipe comes from Diana My-Tran, author of The Vietnamese Cookbook, who notes that her Chinese boss introduced her to the dish.
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    Roasted suckling pig rice
    Yoyochow23 / Getty Images

    Pork leg is marinated in a flavorful combination of Chinese seasonings, including hoisin sauce, oyster-flavored sauce, light soy sauce, five-spice powder, and fresh garlic and ginger, and then baked.