Holiday Crockpot Appetizers and Beverages

Crock pot meatballs

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Appetizers are always important, but especially so during the holiday entertaining season. These warm and comforting recipes welcome guests into your home and give them something to do while you put the finishing touches on the meal.

All of these recipes cook happily away in your crockpot for hours, so they don't need any attention. You can serve them right from the slow cooker, set to warm, or put them into a chafing dish or warming tray. These recipes are a little bit special.

If you want to make changes to these recipes, you can do so easily. Just make sure to write down the changes you made so you can reproduce the recipe the next time you make it. You can mix and match these recipes as you'd like. Make an entire meal out of them, or add one or two to your holiday menu for a great start to your party.

Holiday Crockpot Appetizer and Beverage Recipes

  • Crockpot Enchilada Dip
    This dip tastes like the best enchiladas ever but in dip form! Serve it with several different varieties of tortilla chips, including nacho cheese flavored and blue corn chips.
  • Crockpot Sweet and Spicy Meatballs
    Make these meatballs with cocktail sauce because it has a smoother taste. But you can use the hottest chili sauce you can find!
  • Crockpot Turkey and Stuffing Meatballs
    This recipe embodies the flavors of the season. Cornbread stuffing mix is the binder in this meatball recipe, and the cranberry-apple sauce is the perfect complement. The little meatballs are very tender and flavorful.
  • BBQ Chicken Drummies
    Broil the chicken drummies before you put them into the crockpot with the luscious sauce for best results. That ensures good flavor!
  • Sweet and Spicy Kielbasa
    Just three ingredients make one of the best appetizers you will ever eat. You can use kielbasa, or any other fully cooked sausage, such as Polish sausage, in this easy recipe.
  • Crockpot Apple Cider
    Whole nutmegs, cinnamon sticks, and crystallized ginger are the tricks behind this fabulous and easy recipe. It will warm you up!
  • Crockpot Little Sausages
    Everyone (except vegetarians) love little sausages at parties. This recipe is wonderful and special and so easy to make. In fact, I would double this recipe for a party or it won't last long!
  • Crockpot BBQ Meatballs
    Little meatballs are so popular at parties. And when the meatballs are enveloped in a spicy barbecue sauce, they are perfect for any party.