The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bartenders

Fun ideas for the cocktail lover and bartender on your list

Buying gifts for bartenders can be difficult because as you look around their bar you may think they have everything they need. While most bars are already outfitted with all of the essential tools, they may need some decor, accessories, or little add-ons to make them just a little bit better.

Here are some ideas that will help you find the perfect gift to fit your bartender's individual style.

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    A Cocktail Gift Basket

    A gift basket filled with cocktail fixings is a great gift for any occasion
    Don Farrall / Photodisc / Getty Images

    Design your own personalized gift basket.

    This is a fun project that has a unique personal touch. The idea is to choose a few cocktail recipes that you think the recipient will like and include all of the things they need to make it in a cocktail gift basket.

    You could design the gift basket for the Vodka Martini lover, including fun, fruity mixers, and cute garnishes and glasses or build one for the tropical rum drink enthusiast who cannot get enough of their tiki bar.

    Do they love a great Manhattan? Put together a collection of mini bourbon bottles with a great bottle of sweet vermouth and let them explore the possibilities.

    The options are endless and the gift basket can be styled to their exact taste. Be sure to add a few accessories and goodies because it is the little things that make this truly special.

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    Cocktail Shakers

    Zack Contas Boston Shaker


    The #1 gift for any bartender!

    Every bar needs a good cocktail shaker (or two, or three if you're like me) and each has its own style and benefits. They are essential for making great drinks and one of those tools that every bartender and cocktail lover needs.

    From the standard three-piece shaker to professional level Boston shakers, even the specialty designer cocktail shakers, there is a shaker out there for everyone and all make great gifts.

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    Cocktail Books

    The Craft of the Cocktail Book by Dale DeGroff


    Expand your bartender's library.

    Whether it's a bartending guide for someone who has a new interest in mixing cocktails or a detailed history of the cocktail culture that has grown over the years, cocktail books are always a great gift.

    There have been many new releases over the last few years that are exciting and filled with fun stories and the older books are great for expanding any collector's library.

    The most anticipated release of 2015 had to be the second edition of David Wondrich's Imbibe! If there is a drink history geek on your list and they don't have it yet, this would be the ultimate gift.

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    A Great Muddler

    Uber Bar Tools ProCrush Muddler


    The essential tool behind every Mint Julep and Mojito.

    Muddling cocktails is no longer a novelty and this stick may seem like a simple device, but it is essential in the modern bar.

    Every bartender has at least one favorite muddler and many have a couple to handle different tasks. Muddlers get worn over time, especially for that bartender who is mixing up many Mojitos and Old-fashioneds a night, so a great muddler may be just the thing they need.

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    Uber Bar Tools Pro Bar Roll

    Uber Bar Tools Pro Bar Roll


    Top pick for the pro on the go.

    If you are looking for the ultimate gift for the professional bartender who works in multiple locations, then an uber bar tools pro bar roll is a great choice.

    This kit is filled with every tool that the bartender needs and it all rolls up into one convenient package that secures the tools while in transport. It is a traveling mixologist's best friend and if they already have a favorite muddler or jigger, they can just replace the one in the kit and have a back up when needed.

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    Cool Home Bar Accessories

    Elegance Bolt Globe Ice Bucket


    Add style to your home bartender's collection of tools and accessories.

    As bartenders, we tend to buy tools for ourselves that are more value and utility than style and that is why cool home bar accessories like these make great gifts.

    Included in this collection of gift ideas are those bar tools and accessories that the average home bartender and cocktail enthusiast may not splurge on for themselves. They have all the form and function of our favorite tools, just a little more style and they're perfect for the bartender who seems to have it all.

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    Imbibe Magazine

    Imbibe Magazine

    Imbibe Magazine

    A gift that gives for an entire year.

    A year's subscription to Imbibe magazine is a great gift for pro mixologists and drink enthusiasts alike. This "adult beverage" magazine was first published on May 2006 and has been nothing but a joy to read since that very first issue.

    Imbibe covers all adult beverages including spirits, beer, wine, coffee and tea with style. It is the most informative and entertaining magazine of it's kind and the only magazine dedicated entirely to all of the drinks that adults love.

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    A Good Bottle of Scotch

    The Glenlivet 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    The Glenlivet

    There is always a bottle of booze.

    A bottle of their favorite style of liquor that they may not buy for themselves is one of the easiest gifts you could give. A good bottle of Scotch is always a favorite treat for the holidays and something that every whiskey loving bartender will appreciate.

    There are many great bottles of Scotch to choose from and you can spend anywhere from $50 on an impressive bottle to thousands on one of those rare single malts that most of us can only dream about.

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    Handy Bar Tools

    Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher


    Go beyond the basic tools.

    There are those essential tools that we all need to make drinks, and then there are those gadget and accessories that make life in the bar just a little bit easier. You know, those handy tools that are nice to have around and improve the quality of our drinks.

    From a better cup of coffee to various ice making devices, dispensers, pitchers, and trays, these are some of the things that make mixing drinks and entertaining a little more convenient.

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    Home Bars

    Crosley Lafayette Folding Bar


    They have been asking for their own bar for years, right?

    Home bars are great though there are many reasons why many of us cannot build the dream bar in the basement. Space, decor, kids... all of it plays a role in that decision, but a bar doesn't have to be a full installation in your home.

    There are plenty of solutions. Some bar designs are just another piece of furniture by day and a full bar when it's party time. Others are simply a small bar cart that can be rolled out at cocktail hour, while others are built to withstand a lot of parties and go back to the garage for quick storage.

    Bars come in all shapes, sizes, and costs, so don't let the 'ideal' bar keep you from giving your bartender a little slice of their dream.