9 Hollywood Cocktails for Your Oscar Party

Glamorous Drinks for a Star-Studded Affair

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Few of us will ever get the chance to see the Academy Awards, or any other such awards ceremony, in person. That, however, does not mean we can't drink like the stars of Hollywood!

From the fun and fruity Hollywood Martini to cocktails that the celebrities themselves have enjoyed in the past, these cocktail recipes are a lot of fun. They're easy to mix up and if you dress them up with fancy garnishes, they'll make your viewing party the hottest event in town. 

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    Hollywood Martini

    Hollywood Martini
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    Let's kick off this party with the perfect cocktail for the occasion. The Hollywood Martini is sweet, fruity, and very easy to mix up.

    For this recipe, begin by choosing your favorite vodka. You'll then add a black raspberry liqueur like Chambord and a dash of pineapple juice to give it a little zing. Finish it off with an elegant orange twist and enjoy.

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    Hollywood Cocktail

    Hollywood Vodka and Pineapple Cocktail Recipe

     The Spruce

    The counterpart to the Hollywood Martini is served tall and on the rocks. The great news is that both drinks require the same ingredients, so you can offer guests a choice between the two without any extra expense.

    The difference in the Hollywood Cocktail is that there's more emphasis on the pineapple. Rather than the dash that is used in the martini, this recipe pours two full ounces of the tropical juice. It's a delicious and effortless transformation.

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    Golden Glamour

    Moet Golden Glamour Cocktail
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    You're going to love the taste of this sparkling drink. This glamorous cocktail was served at an official Academy Awards party and it was a smash hit among the celebrities!

    The Golden Glamour is perfect in its simplicity. It features the pleasant combination of passion fruit juice and a vanilla liqueur. Top this with a brilliant Champagne and enjoy a toast to this year's winners.

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    The Red Carpet

    Oval Vodka's Red Carpet Cocktail
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    As you might imagine the name "red carpet" has been used a few times to celebrate the Academy Awards. While recycling the name makes sense, as the "red carpet" drums up an iconic image of glamour, it can be confusing when referring to a specific beverage. 

    With that in mind, the "red carpet" cocktails served over the years range from a vodka to a tequila base. One pairs Campari with pomegranate while the other is more like a raspberry-cranberry margarita. Either direction you chose, both are sure to delight!

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    The Trophy Margarita

    Roca Patron Tequila's The Trophy Margarita Cocktail
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    A star-studded cocktail that is different than all the rest, the Trophy Margarita is an absolute delight to sip. It also comes with a homemade mixer that will impress anyone at your party.

    This margarita recipe is incredibly simple, pairing a top-shelf reposado tequila with fresh lime juice and lavender syrup. The syrup is easy to make and it puts a floral shine on this fantastic drink.

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    Blood and Sand

    Blood and Sand Cocktail
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    Inspired by two great movies, the Blood and Sand is the perfect cocktail for the whisky lovers at your party. While there are a couple of ways you can approach it, we recommend scotch as the whisky of choice.

    The older recipe pairs it with cherry brandy, vermouth, and orange juice. The remake of the drink, much like the film with Sharon Stone, is as good as the original, but with passion fruit making a dazzling appearance.

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    Vesper Martini

    Vesper Martini

    The Spruce 

    James Bond is an icon in Hollywood characters and we cannot talk about star-studded drinks without bringing up his original creation. Though Bond is known to enjoy many cocktails, few have the esteem of the famous Vesper Martini.

    The recipe can be found in "Casino Royale" when 007 directs its precise measurements. This upgraded martini features Gordon's Gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet. It can impress any palate; just be sure it's shaken, not stirred.

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    Danny Ocean

    Danny Ocean Cocktail recipe

     The Spruce

    George Clooney is one of the top actors in Hollywood. Though he has had many great roles, we cannot forget his smooth-talking character Danny Ocean from the "Ocean's Eleven" films.

    This cocktail was inspired by that role and the recipe features Clooney's own tequila, Casamigos. Unlike some other celebrity-backed spirits, this one's very good and it works perfectly in the drink which puts a fresh spin on the popular Paloma.

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    Coco Light Martini

    Coco Light Martini With Coconut Vodka
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    A tasty coconut martini from the Governors Ball, this recipe features another noteworthy spirit backed by one of the biggest names in entertainment. Ciroc Vodka has been promoted by Sean Combs for years and if that doesn't impress you, the cocktail will.

    The recipe is a low-calorie mix with clean tropical flavors. It uses Ciroc Coconut along with coconut water and pineapple and lime juices. Looking for something tasty, refreshing and somewhat healthy? Sounds like the ideal drink!