Home Made Bacon and Sausages

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    Home Made Bacon and Sausages.

    Home Cured Bacon
    My Home Cured Bacon. Photo © Elaine Lemm

    I love British bacon and I also love sausages of any kind. Bacon, particularly bacon cured on the the farm or by a specialist butcher is particularly good and you cannot beat a home made sausage. So, when I was asked to go on a course to learn how to make home cured bacon, sausages and other porky treats from one of Yorkshire's foremost butchers, David Lishman in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, I jumped at the chance. David has won endless awards with his butchery skills and products, so I knew I would learn from a true master.

    The Lishman butchery courses are run from David's second shop which doubles up as a demo kitchen in the beautiful village of Bolton Abbey. Courses run year round and follow the seasons quite carefully. Expect to find game courses, lamb, pork, hams at Christmas and Easter, pies and sausage making, and the course I attended on charcuterie. David markets the courses as being ideal for gifts; on this course there were four men all of whom had received theirs as a present from wives, girlfriends and daughters - a great idea.

    On my visit not only did we look at home cured back bacon and sausages, but essentially David took us through every part of the pig, how it is cut and what to do with it. I came away not only with my lovely back bacon to cure at home in the fridge, but 18 fat meaty sausages all made by my fair hands (with some help from David and my fellow students) and a delicious jar of paté. During class we also got to try Sticky Ribs, Braised Pig cheek or Bath Chaps as it is also known, Pig's Fry (the liver, heart and kidney pan fried with seasonings) which comes from the 'Pluck' (offal).

    The trotters went for stock, as did the ears and any bits and bobs left over. Hams were put to one side to cook later as were chops, fillets, belly pork, shoulders and legs which had been expertly butchered out by David. By the time he had finished cutting and chopping there was barely a scrap that wasn't used in a recipe.

    The course lasted from 1 pm to 5pm and despite being fast paced to fit everything there was plenty of time for questions, tasting and a good percentage of hands-on. The course also includes a recipe folder, refreshments including wine and any equipment needed.

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    Sausage Making - Home Made Sausages

    Home Made Sausages
    Sausage Making. Photo © Elaine Lemm
    Forcing the meat through the sausage machine into the skins - great fun!
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    My Home Made Pork Sausages

    Home made sausages - Home Made Sausage Recipes
    My Home Made Sausages. Photo © Elaine Lemm
    The finished pork sausages - all my own work (with helping hand from David Lishman and my class mates).