17 Handmade Edible Gifts Everyone Will Love

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Rosemary Salt

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You might think of edible gifts as a holiday essential—everyone loves a homemade batch of Christmas cookies and chocolates—but there are many times during the year when such a treat is welcome. From gifts for teachers and hostesses to home-baked goodies for new neighbors, it's hard to go wrong with something delicious and made with care. These easy and thoughtful handmade candies, biscuits, and more have you covered for gifting the whole year round.

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    Cookie Mixes in a Jar

    Cookie Mixes in a Jar

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    Homemade cookie mixes in mason jars make fun presents, especially for busy families. Your giftees can make fresh cookies whenever they want and they only need to add the wet ingredients in the recipe. There are also multiple ways to customize the packaging and labels to make them truly special.

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    Sea Salt Caramels

    Sea Salt Caramels

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    Sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy, sea salt caramels are an irresistible treat and a welcome hostess gift any time of year. To package for gifting, wrap the salted caramels individually in pieces of parchment paper and place in a mason jar or gift bag. They will keep for up to two weeks stored at room temperature.

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    Cured Lemons

    Cured Lemons

    Stok-Yard Studio

    Preserved lemons cured in salt and sugar are a gourmet ingredient that can be used to inject zesty flavor into pestos, risottos, and pastas. They make a fancy edible gift when packed into mason jars. Cured lemons will keep for several months, but your giftees will likely use them well before then!

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    Rocky Road Fudge

    Rocky Road Fudge

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    Received a last-minute party invite? Whip up a batch of this smooth chocolate fudge packed with crunchy nuts and chewy marshmallows in a flash. They'll cool in the fridge as you get ready—all you have to do is slice into squares and pack into an airtight container. They'll keep in the fridge for two to three weeks, so big batches can also be made ahead of time.

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    Christmas Light Cookies

    Christmas Light Cookies

    Leah Maroney


    Here's a cute Christmas treat that's great for holiday drop-ins and cookie swaps. Sugar cookies scented with vanilla and orange zest are decorated with mini-M&M candy "lights" for a festive look. Pack them in single layers in a pretty tin for gifting, separating with waxed or parchment paper so they don't stick.

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    Double Anise Biscotti

    Double anise biscotti recipe

    The Spruce

    Almond biscotti cookies with a subtle licorice flavor from anise are a lovely complement to any coffee or flavored tea. Bake two dozen biscotti in under an hour for bringing to family visits or welcoming new neighbors. Place a few together in a cellophane bag tied with a pretty ribbon and you have a lovely holiday gift.

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    Pretzel Bark

    Pretzel Caramel Bark

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    Pretzel bark is a favorite treat during Christmas, but it's perfect year-round. The recipe takes just 15 minutes to prepare with chocolate bark, sugar, butter, and heavy cream. The melted chocolate is topped with mini pretzels and you can decorate it further to match the occasion. Let it set up and break it into pieces, then package it in cute bags and you have a great gift anyone will appreciate.

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    Strawberry Freezer Jam

    Strawberry freezer jam

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    This freezer jam retains a fresh strawberry flavor, so you can make it when berries are at their peak and enjoy a sweet taste of summer any time of year. It keeps in the refrigerator up to a month or in the freezer for up to one year. Pack it into mini mason jars with a hand-written label and some twine for rustic decoration.

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    Oreo Peppermint Bark

    Oreo peppermint bark

    The Spruce  / Elizabeth LaBau

    Oreo peppermint bark makes a wonderful gift during the holidays and other times of the year. It's hard to resist the combination of cream-filled chocolate cookies, mint, and sweet white chocolate. Package it for gifting in a small cellophane bag or cardboard box tied with twine or colorful ribbon and a tag. The bark can be refrigerated and will keep for up to two weeks.

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    Rosemary Salt

    Rosemary Salt

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    Want to impress a gourmet hostess? Show up with this edible gift that can be used to enhance any recipes. Rosemary salt is easy and fun to create and keeps indefinitely when stored in an air-tight container. Decant it into jars with tight-fitting lids and a pretty label that describes what's inside.

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    Cookie Dough Truffles

    Cookie Dough Truffles
    The Spruce / Elizabeth LaBau.

    Everyone's favorite cookie dough is transformed into a tasty truffle filling, then dunked in chocolate and topped with miniature chocolate chips in this egg-free recipe. If making truffles a few days before giving, store them in the freezer sealed in air-tight bags until they're ready for wrapping. Package in small cardboard boxes in a single layer, lining the box with waxed paper to prevent sticking.

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    Lavender-Rosemary Infused Vodka

    Lavender-Rosemary Infused Vodka

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    You'll be the most popular dinner guest when you bring along this homemade herbal vodka infused with lavender and rosemary. Give yourself a few days to make this recipe so the flavors have time to develop. Use a high-quality vodka like Ketel One. Make it in a wide-mouthed mason jar as directed, and save the original vodka bottle for the finished infusion. Pop on your own custom label to make it truly special.

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    Homemade Salted Pecans

    Homemade Salted Pecans

    Paula Thomas /  Moment / Getty Images

    Buttery salted nuts are an easy hostess gift for dinner parties and family visits. Make a big batch and store some in the freezer at home in air-tight plastic bags, so you always have a party snack on hand. You can also add some red pepper flakes to the recipe for a kick of spice.

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    Christmas Bark

    Three Chocolate Peppermint Bark Recipe

     Elaine Lemm

    Fun, festive, and easy to make, Christmas bark is the ideal treat to have on hand during the holiday to wrap up and give as gifts. Dark chocolate is melted and mixed with peppermint extract, then poured onto a baking sheet and drizzled with milk and white chocolates. Feel free to get creative and use a variety of holiday candies to decorate.

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    Pretzel Toffee

    Pretzel Toffee

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Pretzel toffee is crunchy, buttery, and can be made even more special with a sprinkling of sea salt. Once cooled completely, the toffee can be broken into pieces for gifting in cellophane bags that are tied with curly ribbons or twine. Use waxed paper to separate layers and prevent sticking.

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    Ultimate Brownies

    Ultimate brownies

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    This is one of our favorite brownie recipes. It looks tall like a cakey brownie but has the dense, rich texture of a fudgy one. Give it as a teacher's gift—or anytime you want to say thanks with chocolate—packaged in a nice tin.

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    Peppermint Chocolate Spoons

    Peppermint chocolate spoons recipe

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    Looking for a budget-friendly homemade gift for the holiday season? You can use dark, milk, or white chocolate chips to make these adorable chocolate "spoons" (they're actually candy canes) that take just five minutes to prepare. Pair with a mug and box of store-bought hot cocoa mix to make a cute present.