17 Hot Cocktails for Cold Days

Warm up With a Cozy Spiked Drink

Cold days call for hot drinks and nothing will warm you up faster than a spiked cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea. From a new take on the Irish coffee to a fresh spin on the hot toddy and a few steaming bowls of punch, there is sure to be a comfy cocktail recipe that's right for you.

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    Caramel Irish Coffee

    Caramel Irish Coffee With Baileys Irish Cream
    S&C Design Studios

    Topping the list of hot coffee cocktails is the iconic Irish coffee. For an indulgent transformation, try the caramel Irish coffee. This sweet, indulgent drink adds butterscotch schnapps and Baileys Irish cream to the Irish whiskey mix and is topped with a heaping pile of whipped cream.

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    Café Brasileiro

    Cafe Brasileiro - Hot Coffee Cocktail

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    Many coffee cocktails simply add a shot of liquor to the brew, but the café Brasileiro is a little more interesting. The recipe features cachaça and chocolate liqueur along with a touch of homemade vanilla cream. It's both simple and satisfying, and definitely worth a try.

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    Dorda Cafe

    Dorda Cafe - Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur and Espresso Cocktail

    Dorda Liqueurs

    Even espresso can handle a spirit or two. In this case, it's a rich double-chocolate liqueur from Dorda and a hint of amaretto. The flavor combination is amazing and the Dorda cafe may soon become a new favorite recipe.

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    Hennessy Hot Cocoa

    Hennessy Hot Cocoa

    Arx0nt / Moment / Getty Images

    A great Cognac, a spiced syrup, and a little vanilla are a brilliant way to improve your hot chocolate. You'll find all of those elements in this Hennessy hot cocoa recipe. It comes together quickly, so you'll be sitting down with a cozy cocktail before you know it.

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    Warm Old-Fashioned

    Warm Old-Fashioned with Maker's Mark Bourbon WHiskey

    Photolibrary/Getty Images

    The hot toddy has long been an icon in the cocktail scene. It's a fantastic drink with so many options. The warm old-fashioned recipe is a nice variation that brings the famous whiskey old-fashioned into the world of toddies. The steaming cup of bourbon accented with fruit and bitters is both memorable and comforting.

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    Maple Pecan Latte


    The Spruce Eats / Jennifer Perillo

    For a coffee shop experience at home, try this maple pecan latte. It features a homemade maple pecan syrup, fresh-brewed espresso, and steamed milk. While the recipe is nonalcoholic, It's excellent with a shot of whiskey—bourbon or scotch, preferably.

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    Autumn Chai Swizzle

    Autumn Chai Swizzle Cocktail

    E+ / Getty Images

    Can a great tea cocktail be as simple as adding a splash of Baileys to your masala chai? Yes, it can! In the autumn chai swizzle, the Irish cream becomes a substitute for your chai's milk. It's a warm, slightly intoxicating transformation that you're sure to enjoy.

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    Milk and Honey

    Milk and Honey Cocktail with Brandy, Cinnamon, and Orange
    Benedictine Liqueur

    Your grandma may have recommended a steaming cup of milk before bed, and she was onto something. You can make that a little better by giving it an adult twist with the popular milk and honey recipe. Quite simply, it's a glass of warm milk with a shot of Benedictine and it is the ultimate nightcap.

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    Mulled Pomegranate Warmer

    Mulled Pomegranate Warmer on a white background

    Photolibarray / Getty Images

    Mulled wine is fantastic and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Add a hint of pomegranate to the mix and share this delightful remake with family and friends. Everyone will love the mulled pomegranate warmer and you'll enjoy how easy it is to make.

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    Hot Gold Apple Cider

    Hot Gold Apple Cider

     zi3000/Getty Images

    Hot apple cider is comforting on its own, but it is even better when it's spiked and spiced. If you're looking for an easy hot party drink recipe to mix up for a crowd, this steaming brew is perfect. All you need are cinnamon schnapps, dark rum, and a slew of warm spices. Make it on the stovetop or heat it the slow cooker. Either way, it makes your home smell divine.

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    Christmas Mule

    Christmas Mule Cocktail

    The Spruce 

    If you have not yet enjoyed a cup of warm ginger beer, you're in for a real treat. The heat of the Christmas mule enhances the bubbly, spicy brew in amazing fashion. Adding pear vodka and a cinnamon stick creates a fascinating flavor and a drink that can easily be enjoyed beyond the holidays.

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    Tequila Cocoa Caliente

    Tequila Cocoa Caliente

    S&C Design Studios

    Mexican hot chocolate is rich, delicious, and the ultimate indulgence. Give it a new spin with the tequila cocoa caliente recipe. No ordinary tequila will do, though! This one begins with a homemade infusion of cinnamon and serrano pepper in a reposado tequila for a spicy cocktail lover's delight.

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    Hot Gin Punch

    Hendrick's Gin and an Old Sydney Town Punch

    Hendrick's Gin

    Add a steaming bowl of punch to your winter celebrations. In the hot gin punch, your guests will be enchanted with a sangria-like mix of wine and spices. The simmering brew also includes citrus fruits and pineapple and the gin's botanicals really open up under the heat. It's a party punch everyone will talk about for weeks!

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    Hot Apple Pie

    Hot Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe

     The Spruce

    When you're in the mood for an incredibly simple hot cider cocktail, it's hard to beat the hot apple pie. The recipe simply spikes warm cider with a shot of Tuaca. That's no ordinary or one-dimensional liqueur, though. Its flavor medley of vanilla and citrus is an ideal accent for apple and creates a very relaxing drink.

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    Hot Buttered Whiskey

    Hot Buttered Whiskey
    Armstrong Studios / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    Hot buttered rum may get all the attention, but there's something to be said about making the switch to whiskey. Pick up a robust bourbon or rye whiskey for this recipe and mix it with the sweet, spiced taste of a classic butter batter. The difference is amazing and it's a drink that's sure to please.

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    Tom & Jerry

    Tom and Jerry Cocktail

    The Spruce

    Create your own holiday traditions by bringing the classic Tom and Jerry to the party. The premade batter is made with eggs, butter, and sugar, along with the favorite spices of the season. When it's time for a drink, simply add a tablespoon of batter to rum, brandy, and hot milk. This one's also perfect for unexpected guests who stop by for a visit.

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    Blueberry Tea

    Blueberry Tea Cocktail With Grand Marnier

     The Spruce

    This blueberry tea is warm and inviting, but not what you think. The recipe is a magical mix of three ingredients, none of which includes blueberries. Instead, combining Grand Marnier, amaretto, and orange pekoe tea in a brandy snifter creates a blueberry-like flavor. The aroma is just as delightful, so it's a fantastic cozy drink for chilly nights.

Quick Tip for Hot Drinks

There's one thing you can do to ensure your hot drink doesn't become a lukewarm mess before you finish: preheat the glass. It's very easy, takes just a minute, and there are a few ways to go about it:

  • Heat water in a teapot and pour it into the glass while you prepare the drink.
  • Warm a water-filled glass in the microwave for about 10 seconds.
  • As a last resort, run hot water over the mug.

Matching the drink and glass temperature is one easy step you can take every time to create better cocktails, and it is a good habit to get into.