Hot Dog, Wiener, and Frankfurter Storage and Cooking Tips

Man shopping for hot dogs
Jetta Productions / Getty Images

Who doesn't love a good hot dog? They're one of America's favorite foods because they're not only tasty, they invoke feelings of nostalgia for many. Check out these tips for storing and cooking hot dogs to ensure that your next batch is delicious.

Hot Dog Storage and Shelf Life

Hot dogs are readily available in all sizes and types in just about any grocery store. The pre-cooked wieners are vacuum-packed and have a relatively long shelf life for meat.

Store unbroken packages in the refrigerator, and consume them by the manufacturer's use-by date. Opened franks should be stored in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator and used within three days of opening.

Hot dogs are a good item to freeze for up to six months at 0 degrees F. With most standard cooking methods, the dogs can go straight from the freezer to the pot or grill.


  • Although hot dogs are fully cooked, it is customary to warm them before eating. The flavor improves greatly by any type of reheating method, but many kids (and adults) enjoy eating them cold.
  • As for cooking, hot dogs can be boiled, broiled, braised, baked, grilled, and fried.
  • For best result, do not puncture hot dogs or sausages when cooking. The juices will run out, resulting in a tough, dry unappetizing wiener.