Grilling at the Hotel: TownePlace Suites and Weber

TownePlace Suites by Marriott
TownePlace Suites by Marriott. TownePlace Suites by Marriott

You are on the road, staying at a hotel and suddenly you want a steak. The trick is, you know that you can do a better job than any of the nearby restaurants. You could go buy a steak, that those little kitchens in hotels that actually have them, are not going to give you the tools and the power to pull off a great steak. What if you had access to a good gas grill? One of my favorite gas grills is the Weber Summit.

This is due to a newly announced partnership between Marriott International (parent company of the TownePlace Suites Brand of extended stay hotels) and our good friends over at the Weber-Stephen Products Company. This is all being made possible through a complete redecorating of the patio spaces at the TownePlace Suites to include a pair of gas grills built into a rather nice enclosure.

Now, if you are like me and have seen common space grills before and what they look like on the inside, you are not going to be very enthusiastic to hear this news. To be honest, when I first heard about this at the Chicago Windy City Cookout where the partnership was being announced at a friendly little grilling competition between up-and-coming country music stars Sister CJordan Gray and Joey Hyde I was skeptical. I've stayed in places where there is a nice looking grill sitting out on a patio for anyone to use. You lift the lid and immediately decide that takeout sounds like a better option.

The simple truth is that when a grill is a common grill, it never gets cleaned, or if it does, it is by someone who doesn't really care or know what they are doing. This is what makes this partnership so interesting. It isn't just a truck dropping off a couple of grills to sit on a patio outback. TownePlace Suites employees will be trained in the care and maintenance of these grills so that they will always be ready to be used, or at least that is the plan. They will also be given grilling lessons so they can assist people with their grilling needs.

But wait. There's more. What is the good of having access to a good grill? You are on the road. You go to the store to pick up a steak, some burgers, or a great piece of fish. Now you need seasonings, sauces, or whatever else you like to season that protein with. Really? Are you going to check that through security on your way out of town? No, because you don't have to. Those nice Weber Summit gas grills will also be equipped with all the tools, spices, and seasonings that you will need to grill up even a relatively complex meal. Add to this a large selection of recipes from Weber Grill Master Kevin Kolman that can be downloaded from and there really isn't going to be a reason not to take one of these grills for a spin. All you need to do is bring the meat (or vegetables).

Now there is an additional perk to this whole business deal. The simple truth is that most people don't own a very good gas grill. The Weber Summit is a very good gas grill. Now it is possible to, for a relatively decent price, to spend a night away, do a little grilling, and take one of these for a test drive. I promise you that it is worth it to spend even a few minutes using a grill that is vastly superior to what can be found in most hardware stores these days. So, if you want to have a little getaway, track down a TownePlace Suites that has already been equipped with this new layout and enjoy and evening grilling on a very good grill.

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