How to Brunoise

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    Prepare the Vegetable

    Peel Carrots
    Rebecca Franklin

    Brunoise vegetables are the tiniest of cuts. The formal-looking little squares, a practice that originates in French cooking, add color and elegance to dishes. First, wash and peel the vegetable, as needed.

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    Cut Four Sides

    Cut four sides
    Rebecca Franklin

    Cut a flat surface on each of the vegetable’s four sides, making a rectangle shape.

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    Lengthwise Slices

    Lengthwise Slices
    Rebecca Franklin

    Cut 1/8-inch thick slices, lengthwise through the vegetable.

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    Slice the Stacks

    Slice the stacks
    Rebecca Franklin

    Stack the vegetable rectangles flat, one on top of the other, and repeat the 1/8-inch thick, lengthwise slices.

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    Cutting Small Squares

    Cut in small squares
    Rebecca Franklin

    Turn the vegetable stick at a 90-degree angle and cut again, into 1/8-thick slices.

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    The Gorgeous Results

    The finished results
    Rebecca Franklin

    The result will be beautiful, tres petite squares of vegetables.