How to Perfectly Cook Rice Everytime

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    How To Cook Rice

    How to cook jasmine rice
    How to cook jasmine rice. Thomas Barwick Getty images

    Rice plays an important role in Chinese culture and Chinese people have been eating rice for thousands of years. For a lot of Chinese people, they have cultivating their life and land with all the hard work for rice. The need for rice has caused Chinese people to pay special attention to different technologies and money to try to improve the rice production. You can say for most Chinese people, rice is one of the most important foods in their whole life.


    Because rice is so popular in Chinese culture, you can almost call this a “rice culture”. All of my family originate from China and certainly growing up in Taiwan and China, I ate rice most days of my life. Even now, if I go without rice for three or four days I really miss it.


    This article will show you how to cook “long grain” rice on a stove. This article might be your answer for making delicious and fluffy rice at home if you don’t have a rice cooker. If you only cook rice one in a while, cooking on a stove would be most efficient but if like me you eat rice often then I would highly recommend you purchase a rice cooker.


    To be very honest with you, most Chinese families nowadays own a rice cooker and a good rice cooker will do a wonderful job cooking rice. In fact, a rice cooker is not only great at cooking rice, a lot of Chinese people use them to steam buns, make soup, steam cakes etc. You will be amazed at what Chinese people can do with a rice cooker.


    A small story. When I moved to the UK and worked in one of my first restaurants, I was asked to cook rice one day. But it had been so many years since I had cooked a rice on a stove I had actually forgotten how to do it and had to ask for advice (no checking the internet in a kitchen).


    It makes perfect sense to use a rice cooker. For most of the family, people usually work 9 to 5 jobs and when everyone comes home, most people don’t want to spend more than 30 minutes cooking dinner. So if you have a rice cooker, all you need to do is rinse your rice, put it in a rice cooker and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You’ll then have fresh, hot, fluffy and perfectly cooked rice to eat. Rice takes typically 30 minutes to cook in a rice cooker and in this time you can cook 1 or 2 stir-fried dishes. You don’t need to keep checking if your rice is burning, it’ll just be perfect. Perfect for the working family!


    I usually cook long grain rice with a little more water than would be required for short grain rice. You can adjust the amount of water used depending on whether you like your rice more al dente or less. So if you like your rice a little al dente, use a little less water. If you like it soften, cook with more water. I personally like some of my foods al dente but not my rice.


    If you like this article, you can also check the other article I wrote about “How To Cook Jasmine Rice” and another article for “Chinese Rice Recipes”.

    The next few slides will show you how to cook basic rice:

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    Rinse the rice

    How to wash rice
    How to wash rice. imagenavi/getty images

     Rinsing rice helps get rid of any starch and impurities. Rinse until the water is clear and not cloudy. Usually you will need to repeat this procedure 3-4 times. 

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    Combine long grain rice and water

    how to cook rice
    how to cook rice. Philip Wilkins/Getty Images

     For every cup of long gran rice, add 1 ½ cups of water. 

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    Boil the rice

    Rhonda Parkinson

     Bring the rice to a boil, uncovered, at medium heat. 

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    Turn down the heat, Place the lid at an angle

    How to Cook Rice
    Rhonda Parkinson

    : When the rice is boiling, turn the heat down to medium low. Place the lid on the pot, tilting it to allow steam to escape. Check it often incase the water has dried out and is burning your rice.

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    Look for "craters"

    Cooking Rice forms holes or "craters"
    Rhonda Parkinson

     After the rice has been cooking for a few minutes, check for holes or “craters.”

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    Put the Lid on tight

    How to Cook Rice
    Rhonda Parkinson

    When you can see holes or craters, put the lid on tight. Turn the heat down to low. 

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    Simmer, fluff and serve

    Cooked Rice
    Rhonda Parkinson

    When you can see holes or craters, put the lid on tight. Turn the heat down to low.