How to Create Piped Pine Trees

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    Create Bases for the Trees

    Fondant pine trees
    Michelle Anderson

    These little trees can be made in advance to allow the fondant and buttercream to dry. If the trees are not dry, be careful moving them to the cake. Any flattened sections on the tree can be fixed with a bit of piped icing.

    You will need

    • White fondant or ice cream cones
    • Buttercream icing or royal icing
    • Green food coloring
    • Piping bag
    • Coupler
    • Decorating tip #234
    • Toothpicks
    • Styrofoam block

    Take rolled fondant (or inverted ice cream cones) and create cone shapes in various sizes. Insert a toothpick in the bottom of the cones and store on a block of Styrofoam. Allow to dry.

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    Tint Buttercream Green and Fill Piping Bag

    Green buttercream
    Michelle Anderson

    Tint buttercream icing dark green (or several shades of green) and fill a piping bag topped with a #234 (grass) tip.

    You can also use royal icing to make these little trees but it is very difficult to pipe due to its texture. You must make sure your piping bag is not plastic or it can rupture.

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    Pipe Green Icing onto Cone

    Piping the trees
    Michelle Anderson

    Squeeze the green icing onto the cones in short bursts. Try practicing first on a plate to get used to the correct amount of pressure to use for little tufts of icing. You can either hold the cone by the toothpick if you can pipe with one hand or leave the toothpick stuck in the block and simply turn the tree as required.

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    Finish Covering the Cone

    Festive tree
    Michelle Anderson

    Cover the entire cone with tufts of icing until a pine tree is created. Place back into styrofoam until dry.

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    Create Different Sizes

    Festive forest
    Michelle Anderson

    Try to make several trees of all different sizes and shapes. Using a darker and lighter shade of green together on the tree can imitate shadows and make your pine trees look more realistic.