How to Crumble Feta Cheese

Sliced feta cheese with crumbles
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Although you can purchase feta cheese in plastic containers, already crumbled, buying a block is often more economical and flavorful. Feta in block form is also typically of a higher quality than the pre-crumbled variety. (And flavored feta is another situation entirely.)

Feta cheese can range from soft to hard, and trying to crumble it for salads and toppings can result in mashing it instead. Just slice off what you need and when you're finished carefully crumbling it, simply put it back in the brine and return to the fridge. Here's the easiest way to do it, without destroying it.

What You Need

  • Feta cheese
  • Cold water (preferably ice water)
  • Optional fork

How to Do It

  1. If you have a block of feta, cut a slice in the amount you want to crumble. Otherwise, just start with a slice.
  2. Run the feta under very cold water for 10 seconds. This will clear away any brine and firm it up.
  3. For salads, use your hands or the tines of a fork to break it up into small pieces. They do not have to be tiny; small chunks work just fine.
  4. For toppings for pasta, meat dishes, dakos (Greek bruschetta), and to use in pitas that call for smaller pieces, poke the feta with the tines of a fork (do not mash) to make very small pieces.

Recipes for Crumbled Feta Cheese