How to Deseed a Tomato

Tomatoes in a bunch
Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images

Ah, the joys of cooking with tomatoes. They can be used in just about any dish imaginable and add an unmistakable taste that pairs well with countless other flavors.
When using tomatoes in various dishes, most times you will chop a tomato and use it as is. But with some dishes, you may consider removing the seeds. The seeds of a tomato can sometimes lend a bitter taste to a dish and can actually add more water to a recipe than necessary. Tomatoes retain water and most of this water is found in the fleshy part around the seeds. Removing the seeds will not only lead to an even better taste but also a better texture to your dish. A great example would be with salads. Tomatoes are practically a staple for any successful salad, but that water that is retained around the tomato seeds can lead to droopy lettuce. For these reasons you may be convinced on removing the seeds, but exactly how do you do it?
Start by cutting your tomato equally in half. Cut each half into three equal sections. The best knife to use when removing the seeds is a small, sharp knife.

Cut into the flesh of the tomato, just under the seeds at one end of the wedge, slicing your way to the other end of the wedge. Repeat this step for each tomato wedge, then dice, cut or use your tomato as desired. Simple to do and your palate and dish will thank you.