How to Fold Phyllo Triangles

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    How to Fold Phyllo Triangles

    Phyllo is a versatile, paper-thin dough that can be folded and rolled into an assortment of shapes. Brushed with melted butter and baked, it becomes golden, crisp, and flaky. Phyllo triangles can be filled with savory cheeses, herbs, and spices to make finger-friendly packets that are great for appetizers and snacks.

    Follow along step-by-step and we'll show you how to assemble the basic triangle shape as we make Greek Phyllo Cheese Triangles called tiropites (tee-ROH-pee-tes).

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    Brush Sheet With Melted Butter

    Phyllo is very delicate and can tear easily. Using a pastry brush, carefully brush the sheet with melted butter to moisten it and allow for folding and shaping.

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    Drop a Spoonful of Filling

    Place a heaping teaspoon of filling in the center of the sheet about 3 inches from the bottom.

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    Fold Bottom Edge Up Over Filling

    Fold the bottom edge up over the filling, creating a hem about three inches wide.

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    Fold Both Sides In Over Center

    Fold one side in toward the center. Repeat with the other side, overlapping the first side. This should create a centered strip that is about 3 inches wide. Be careful not to go past the outer edge of the first folded side.

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    Press Filling Into Lower Left Corner

    Gently press the filling down in to the lower left corner to make it easier to fold the corner up and over. Don't worry if a little bit of filling squeezes out of the corner, it will be folded again and again, sealing in the filling for baking.

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    Fold Bottom Left Corner Diagonally

    Begin by folding the lower left corner diagonally to the right edge. Do not go past the right edge, just align the edges along the right side.

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    Fold Right Corner Upwards

    Fold the lower right corner upwards keeping the sides aligned with the right edge.

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    Fold Right Corner Diagonally

    Once again, fold the right corner diagonally up to the left edge of the strip.

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    Fold Left Corner Upwards

    Fold the triangle upwards along the left edge. You should have one fold remaining.

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    One Last Fold and Triangle is Complete

    It is okay if you have a bit of extra phyllo at the top edge. This can be trimmed before making your final fold. Brush the triangle with melted butter. Be sure to place the triangle seam side down when baking. You can also store these in a freezer container in layers, between sheets of waxed paper, and reheat as needed.