How to Grill (Almost) Everything

Discover the best ways to make your favorite meat even more delicious.

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Kind of like a trip to the beach, it doesn’t feel like summer officially begins until your first outdoor barbecue. And just as a beach getaway can be sabotaged by heavy traffic or a painful sunburn, cookouts can be torpedoed by subpar ingredients or incorrect grilling techniques. We figured that makes it the right time to share expert tips and mouth-watering recipes that should help raise your grilling game. 

The most important step happens long before you light up the grill. When you’re choosing the meat that’s going to be the centerpiece of your summer cookout, you can’t go wrong getting your ingredients from D’Artagnan. They partner with small farms that use sustainable, humane practices—and never any antibiotics or added hormones. Years before ‘farm-to-table’ and ‘certified humane’ became buzzwords, D’Artagnan was prioritizing those values. 

D’Artagnan has employed those practices for decades because it’s the right thing to do, of course, but also found that food raised right tastes better too. You’ll come to the same realization if you try their Rohan duck, vegetable-fed Green Circle chicken, milk-fed porcelet or anything else in their exclusive product lines. No matter what you want to grill first, we have some advice on how to make the most of premium, ethically sourced meat.

The Perfect Steak

perfect steak

Steak is the perfect test for any grill master. If you recklessly prepare a mediocre cut of steak from the supermarket, you’ll wind up with a burnt, chewy, and flavorless mess. But if you carefully grill a Wagyu steak or grass-fed, grain-finished Angus from D’Artagnan, you’ll have a juicy, tender work of art. It’s all about treating the steak with care, from the farmers providing the cows with a natural diet and room to graze to you (or whoever is working the grill) thoughtfully seasoning the steak and letting it rest when it’s done. Here’s everything else you need to know to make your steak the star of any backyard barbecue. 

The Best Burgers

best burger

What’s more natural than throwing some burgers on the grill in summer? Even if you have plenty of burger grilling experience, you can still mix things up and make even better burgers. For instance, you can upgrade the beef by using wagyu beef patties from D’Artagnan or throw a curveball by making lamb burgers. You might even want to skip the barbecue and try cooking them in a skillet instead. Once you’ve cooked your burgers to perfection, be sure to lay out plenty of toppings and condiments so your guests can have theirs exactly how they want it.

An Impressive Rack of Lamb

rack of lamb

You probably don’t see a full rack of lamb at many backyard barbecues. But that’s just because the big piece of meat is intimidating, not actually difficult to cook. If you hit it with serious heat at the beginning, then allow it to slowly cook over a lower flame, you’ll be well on your way to impressing guests with a wonderfully succulent entree. Getting your lamb from D’Artagnan goes a long way in giving it a fresh, full flavor and superior tenderness. Check out everything else you need to know.

The Secret to Grilling Duck

grilling duck

Like lamb, duck is a barbecue option that’s as unexpected as it is inspired—and there’s no better place to shop for the perfect cut than D’Artagnan. After all, it was Chef Andre Daguin, the father of D’Artagnan’s founder, who popularized the practice of searing a duck breast and enjoying it like a steak. If your guests have the patience to wait a couple hours, you can also slow roast duck on the grill. Whatever method or cut of duck you choose, you can maximize flavor by trying D’Artagnan’s Rohan duck, an exclusive hybrid of heritage breeds raised to exacting standards on a small farm. Get tips on how to realize the full potential of this exceptional duck.

The Key to Amazing Ribs


Whether you prefer to cook your ribs with a smoker or charcoal grill, a few simple steps can provide a massive payoff for the time-intensive process. The first is by skipping the baby-back ribs and getting humanely raised Berkshire breed pork ribs, which feature an irresistibly rich flavor and tender texture. Next, you’ll want to skip the pre-made stuff and make your own rubs and sauces. We have some advice on how to make a rub and sauce that tastes better and costs less than what you’d get at the store. Take a look at that recipe and everything else you need to know for your next rib cookout.

Multiple Paths to Flavorful Chicken


Pretty much everyone likes chicken. But it’s not always as good as it can be, since most industrial chicken farms prioritize quick speed to market, sacrificing flavor and texture in the process. If you want to experience the full flavor of chicken, you’re better off shopping D’Artagnan’s exclusive Green Circle line, a throwback to the days when chickens were allowed to eat vegetable scraps and roam freely on farmyards. To put it simply, healthy chickens taste better, something you’ll appreciate whether you use Green Circle chicken to make pulled chicken sandwiches topped with coleslaw, set up a rotisserie and prepare Peruvian Roasted Chicken, or simply season the chicken and toss it on the grill.

A Delicious Break from the Heat


Remember, you don’t always have to grill or smoke meat to make a dish that’s perfectly suited for a summer barbecue. Sometimes it’s hot enough outside that you want something that’s refreshing but still savory and satisfying. On those occasions, you can also add a sense of elegance to the proceedings by serving Tuna Tartare. Of course, given that you won’t be cooking the fish, you need to use the highest quality ingredients. You can’t hide any imperfections in that recipe, so it’s a relief that D’Artagnan also carries seafood, including a sushi-grade ahi tuna perfectly suited for tartare. 

Whether you’re grilling steak in the backyard or working with fish in your kitchen, there’s no wrong way to host a cookout as long as you’re serving friends and family delicious food. These expert tips and D’Artagnan products should make it easy to do exactly that at your next summer celebration.