How to Make a Bacon Lattice Patty for Sandwiches

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    Assemble the Ingredients

    Tools to make a bacon lattice patty
    The Spruce / Jessica Harlan

    Imagine a  BLT or a fried-egg sandwich that has a perfect layer of bacon—one that is present in every bite, doesn't hang off the sides of the bread, or fall out of the sandwich. 

    The solution: Creating a lattice-woven bacon patty that's just the right size for your sandwich. Follow these steps to BLT nirvana.

    First, assemble your tools and ingredients. You will need:

    • 12 ounces of sliced bacon (around 10 pieces). The best bacon for this is traditional, thinly sliced bacon, rather than butcher bacon or thick-cut bacon.
    • Sheet pan, lined with aluminum foil
    • Oven-safe cooling rack that fits into the sheet pan
    • Clean kitchen shears
    • A round biscuit cutter, slightly larger than the English muffin or biscuit you'll be using for your sandwich (optional)
    • Cutting board or clean work surface
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    Begin the Lattice

    Bacon lattice patty step 2
    The Spruce / Jessica Harlan

    Preheat the oven to 400 F and place the cooling rack on the aluminum foil-lined sheet pan.

    Begin making the lattice by placing a slice of bacon horizontally on the work surface. Place another piece vertically, to make an L shape, with the vertical piece overlapping the edge of the horizontal piece.

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    Continue Weaving the Lattice

    Bacon lattice patty step 3
    The Spruce / Jessica Harlan

    Fold back the horizontal piece of bacon to place the next vertical piece next to the first vertical piece, then reposition the horizontal piece so that it goes over the second vertical piece. 

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    Finish the Vertical Pieces

    Bacon lattice patty step 4
    The Spruce / Jessica Harlan

    Continue placing strips of bacon vertically in the lattice, lifting the horizontal piece as needed to alternate the bacon pieces overlapping over and under the horizontal piece, until you reach the end of the horizontal piece. You'll probably need a total of about five pieces of bacon to match the length of the horizontal strip of bacon. 

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    Begin Placing the Horizontal Pieces

    Bacon lattice patty step 5
    The Spruce / Jessica Harlan

    Fold back the vertical pieces of bacon that are under the bottom horizontal piece, and lay the second piece of bacon horizontally directly above the first. Then replace the vertical pieces so that they are over the second horizontal piece. The arrangement of bacon should begin to look like a basketweave, where the horizontal strips of bacon are woven over and under the vertical strips. 

    Next, fold down the opposite vertical strips from those that were folded down before, to place the next strip horizontally in place. Continue filling in the horizontal pieces in this manner, until you have a square arrangement of bacon woven in a lattice pattern. Firmly pat the patty to help the pieces stick together.

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    Cut out the Patties

    Bacon lattice patty step 6
    The Spruce / Jessica Harlan

    When the bacon is woven into a lattice, begin cutting the patties. They will shrink as they cook, so be sure to make them slightly larger than you'll need. To make round pieces, use a biscuit cutter, the mouth of a jar or glass, or another round object as a template. You can press the item into the bacon to make an impression of the shape. Then use clean kitchen shears to cut out the round. Or cut square or rectangular pieces, trying to make your cuts between pieces of bacon, rather than cutting a strip in half. Save the scraps for another use. 

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    Cook the Patties

    Bacon lattice patty step 7
    The Spruce / Jessica Harlan

    Place the cut patties on the prepared rack and baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake for 25 to 35 minutes.

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    The Finished Patty

    Bacon lattice patty on a sandwich
    The Spruce / Jessica Harlan

    The patties are done when the bacon is browned and crisp. The patties will shrink and curl a little during cooking, but they won't curl as much as they would if they were fried in a pan. Remove the patties from the rack with a flat spatula or a pair of tongs, and if desired, blot any excess fat on a folded paper towel.

    The cooked bacon patties are great on burgers, BLTs, and other sandwiches, on eggs Benedict, or in breakfast sandwiches on English muffins, along with a scrambled egg and a slice of cheese.