How to Make a Waterfall Cake

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    Gather What You Need

    Michelle Anderson

    Any avid outdoors person or imaginative child will love a cake that features a glittering waterfall down the side. This cake takes very little time to put together and the effect is stunning! The only design element which should be made ahead a couple days is the pine trees (they need to dry). Make sure you use a denser cake as the base of this design because you will be shaving off part of one side to create a slope. The extent of the slope is up to you, but don't make it so steep that the rocks fall off! A banana white chocolate cake recipe with simple vanilla buttercream is perfect and absolutely delicious!

    To Create a Waterfall Cake You Will Need:

    • Two 8 inch round cakes
    • Two 6 inch round cakes
    • Ten cups buttercream icing
    • Fondant rocks , approximately 20 large and 15 small
    • Piped pine trees, approximately eight of various sizes
    • A ten inch round cake board
    • Serrated knife
    • Small paring knife
    • Rolled fondant (white)
    • Disposable piping bags and couplers
    • Paint brush
    • Palette Knife
    • Cake decorating tips # 234(two) and #23
    • Food coloring (2 types of green)
    • Sparkle gel (white and blue)
    • Decorating gel (blue)
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    Make Dark Green Icing

    Michelle Anderson

    Tint four cups of buttercream dark green and two cups of buttercream lighter green.

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    Ice Cake with Green Icing

    Michelle Anderson

    Use four cups of buttercream to fill and stack the cakes. Chill the stacked cakes.Take the chilled stacked cakes and using a serrated knife slice the front section of the 6-inch cake and 8-inch cake off on an angle creating a slope. Brush crumbs off the cake. Ice the entire surface of the cakes with dark green buttercream. Do not smooth the icing out.

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    Roll Out Fondant for the Riverbed

    Michelle Anderson

    Roll out white fondant to approximately 1/8 of an inch. You want it long enough to flow down the side of your cake with a little extra for the pool at the top.

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    Cut Out Fondant for Riverbed

    Michelle Anderson

    Use a sharp paring knife to cut out the outline of the river. There is no set template for this shape, just cut what will be visually appealing.

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    Create the Riverbed with Cut Fondant

    Michelle Anderson

    Lay the fondant on the cake down the sloped side pressing lightly into the icing.

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    Add Trees and Rocks

    Michelle Anderson

    Place the prepared trees on the cake. Put at least one tree on each level with a nice grouping on the very top around the pool. Set the larger rocks onto cake as well putting at least one in the middle of the waterfall for effect.

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    Pipe Detail with Lighter Buttercream

    Michelle Anderson

    Fill disposable piping bag topped with a coupler and #234 decorating tip with light green icing .Use lighter green icing to make grass along the base and in bunches on the various levels.

    Continue to add elements to the cake on all levels until a rustic wild scene is created. Use both shades of green to provide a nice contrast for the grasses surrounding the cake.

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    Add Water to Riverbed

    Michelle Anderson

    Squeeze the blue sparkle gel onto the fondant riverbed taking care to start from the top and fill in all the crannies created by the fondant rocks.

    Allow the gel to trickle down like water on the slope of the falls smoothing with the palette knife to cover completely.

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    Add Foam and Detail to Waterfall

    Michelle Anderson

    When the entire surface of the falls is covered with blue sparkle gel squeeze a little white gel where the middle rock is in the “water”. Also, create foam at the bottom with the white sparkle gel. Use the paint brush to swirl the foam up realistically.

    Squeeze blue decorating gel (darker) in lines down the falls and use the paintbrush to make darker water swirls.

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    Finish Cake

    Michelle Anderson

    Take the piping bag with darker green icing and pipe grasses along the entire waterfall to cover the exposed fondant edge. Optional: Pipe tiny white flowers in bunches with a closed star tip for contrast along the falls.

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    Wonderful Waterfall Cake

    Michelle Anderson

    This spectacular cake can be decorated in just over an hour even by a beginner. The cake is a showstopper and every element is edible so simply cut and enjoy!