How to Make Japanese Bunny Apple Snacks

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    Japanese Apple Rabbits

    Finished Japanese Apple Rabbits
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    There are many cute ways to dress up your children's sandwiches and snacks for their lunch. Whether it be a smile they'll never see in their pb&j, a flower-shaped ham and cheese sandwich, or an octopus hotdog, your options are limitless. Thus, that's where these cute rabbit-shaped apples come into play. Maybe your child will be more likely to eat this juicy fruit if it looks cute!

    These rabbit-shaped apples are called Usagi Ringo and are often put in kids' bento boxes as a decorative dessert. Here is how to make apple rabbits. Use a sharp knife but be careful when handling it.

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    Cut the Apple Into Wedges

    Cut apple into wedges
    The Spruce / Setsuko Yoshizuka

    Cut each apple into 6 or 8 wedges. Feel free to use a handy apple wedger for this if you have one on hand. 

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    Core the Apple

    Cut the core from the apple wedges
    The Spruce / Setsuko Yoshizuka

    Cut the core out of each apple wedge. If you used an apple wedger you can skip this step. 

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    Score the Apple Skin

    Score the apple to make a V shape
    The Spruce / Setsuko Yoshizuka

    Carefully score the apple skin with a knife in an inverted V shape.

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    Insert the Knife Under the Apple Skin

    insert the knife under the apple's skin
    The Spruce / Setsuko Yoshizuka

    Insert the knife under the apple skin and carefully move the blade to a little over the edge of the inverted V shape.

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    Remove the Triangle of Apple Skin

    Remove the triangle from the apple
    The Spruce / Setsuko Yoshizuka

    Remove the triangle section of apple skin. Soak apple rabbits in saltwater for a few minutes to prevent them from browning.

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    Apple Rabbits Are Perfect for Dessert

    Apple Rabbits
    The Spruce / Setsuko Yoshizuka

    Serve apple rabbits for dessert or pack them in bento lunch boxes. You can pair these with peanut butter or another dip if choice if you'd like.