Start out the Day Right, on the Grill

Breakfast on the Grill
Dominic Salvucci/Flickr/CC 2.0

On Sunday mornings when I was a kid, my family would get up early, pack up the old Coleman cookstove and head up to the mountains for breakfast. These outings involved fresh air, hiking and a great breakfast from the grill. Now breakfast isn't exactly the meal most people associate with grilling, but it happens to be my favorite meal to cook in the great out of doors, whether those out of doors are the mountains, the beach, or your backyard.

Breakfast on the Griddle

So how do you get your favorite breakfast entrees off the grill? The best tool for the morning grilling is a griddle. When you select a griddle for the grill, make sure it's a good solid piece of metal and get one that covers about 3/4 of your grill surface. This will give you room to grill up some sausages, potatoes or other items. Another thing to look for in a griddle is its ability hold the fat. If your griddle overflows grease onto the grill, you could have trouble. Serious flare-ups can be a problem unless you are careful. This is particularly true if you have fatty sausages cooking on the grill next to the griddle. So be careful.

Of course, sausages placed directly on the grate will drain off any excess making your big breakfast lower in fat and healthier for your family, just be careful with the flare-ups.

Now that you have your grill and griddle, you're ready to try breakfast on the grill.

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