​ How to Make Coffee: Our Best Tips, Tricks, and Picks ​

Master the Art of the Brew With These Expert Tricks and Equipment Buying Tips​​

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A perfectly-brewed cup of coffee is a beautiful thing. What makes one person's cup of coffee taste "perfect" may be different from another's, but there are specific and essential pieces of information to know if you want to produce a cup of coffee that makes you glad you got up in the morning. The main one is that you don't require a barista to pull off a great cup of coffee

We're here with tips and picks for the best coffee gear and brewing techniques that will help you master the art of the brew. Read on to learn how to maximize flavor, prevent bitterness, and virtually guarantee a great cup of home-brewed coffee every time. 

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    The Best Coffee Makers

    Coffee maker
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    Are you shopping for a new coffee making machine this year? Choosing the right at-home coffee-making equipment is super important to delivering the results you want from a cup of coffee.

    Depending on what type of coffee you prefer, it's important to find just the right model and style for the type of brew you love. So, whether you like a strong, single cup, or want to wake up to a full pot of flavorful coffee in the morning, check out some of our best picks for coffee makers on the market right now to help keep you perfectly caffeinated.

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    Best Budget Coffee Makers

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    For those who are looking to save a few extra dollars, but are hesitant to cut the chord with their local (or global) coffee shop due to fear of an inferior cup of coffee, don't worry! You don't have to sacrifice your coffee quality to preserve your bank account. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to brew your ideal cup of joe at home, while sticking to your budget. While it's true that more expensive machines tend to be of higher quality, there are plenty of coffee makers that will make a great cup of joe without breaking the bank. Here, we found the best inexpensive and mid-priced models in several categories so you can brew the perfect cup, no matter how you take it.​

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    Cold Brew Coffee Systems

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    If you like your coffee cold, and want to skip the pricey iced coffees (and line-ups) at fancy coffee shops, may we recommend these cold brew coffee making systems that deliver flavorful, cold brewed coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. ​

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    Best Combination Coffee and Espresso Machines

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    Do you love the intensity of dark, complex espresso? These days, a number of brands are selling combination coffee and espresso machines that let you be your own barista. With the right machine on your kitchen counter top, you can pull a rich shot of espresso for a quick hit on your way to the office, or brew an entire pot of coffee for lazy Sunday mornings with the crossword puzzle. We've selected the best combination coffee and espresso machines to buy now, so you can have the perfect cup of joe anytime. 

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    Best Non-Electric Brewers

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    What about your need to brew a cup of coffee, without plugging in? Before electric home brewers were the norm, the vast majority of coffee was made by hand, on stove tops, or with hot water and some carefully calibrated pouring.

    You may be surprised to learn that you can still get a fantastic quality cup of coffee without flipping switches, which can come in handy when you're traveling (or just want to save on your energy bill). We've gathered up the best non-electric brewers on the market here. ​

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    Amazing Coffee Percolators

    Bialetti Coffee Maker
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    Fans of classic TV shows such as Mad Men may have noticed a bubbling coffee pot on the stove in kitchen scenes. That's a coffee percolator, which is still a favorite way for many coffee drinkers (especially in Europe) to make a rich tasting, fresh-brewed cup. They're also a great choice for small kitchens of offices, as well as for traveling, as they take up little space and are easy to pack away.

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    Top French Press Coffee Makers

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    Many coffee aficionados will share their opinion that French press coffee is the best. French press coffee makers are simple to use and also attractive, affordable, and small enough to store easily in your kitchen or a suitcase. Give French press coffee a try with our picks for the best French press coffee makers. ​

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    Top Coffee Grinders on the Market

    Coffee Grinder

    If you want to brew high quality at-home coffee, then the coffee bean grinder may be the single most important piece of coffee equipment you can own. Freshly ground coffee beans produce unbelievable flavor, and the uniformity and size of the individual coffee grounds you brew is key to making an unparalleled cup of joe. So, whether you're grinding for French press, espresso, or anything in between we've got you covered with the best coffee grinders on the market at every budget.

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    Coffee Accessories and Gadgets

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    Beyond the coffee maker, beans, water, and maybe a coffee grinder too, it takes more to make the perfect cup of java. Happily, there are plenty of great tools on the market that are designed to help you produce an outstanding cup of coffee right at home. Here, we've gathered up some of our very favorite coffee accessories, gadgets, and supplemental items that will help make your coffee-loving life complete. ​

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    How to Clean a Coffee Maker

    Learn how to clean a coffee maker.
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    If you use an automatic drip coffee maker, you may not know that just popping the glass carafe into the dishwasher from time to time, or even rinsing off the removable filter, isn't quite enough to keep it clean. The inside of your coffee maker gets dirty too -- there are excellent reasons to clean it regularly, not least of which is preventing bacteria and build-up that can impact the taste of your coffee brews.

    Fortunately, keeping your coffee making machine clean is super easy and doesn't require any special tools or cleansers.  

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    Storing Your Coffee

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    How should you store your coffee to keep it fresh for longer? Is the freezer really the best place? Does it make a difference whether the package is open or unopened? Read these expert tips for storing your coffee at home. ​

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    What Not to Do

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    Sometimes in coffee brewing, as in life, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. Get educated and prevent at-home coffee brewing disasters with these must-know tips for what not to do when you're making coffee at home. ​

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    Expand Your Coffee Horizons

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    Have we whetted your appetite for coffee knowledge? Why not expand your coffee horizons by becoming an expert in all things coffee? Master coffee ordering terms, browse through some of our favorite print and digital coffee machines, or take the leap into a coffee business with these how-to coffee business books.