How to Make Cookies


Stuart Stevenson photography/Getty Images 

Cookies are everyone's favorite. But did you know that there are special rules to follow to make the best cookies? Read on to learn more.

Everyone loves cookies; they are welcome anytime. Whether you make drop cookies, shaped cookies, bar cookies, or no bake cookies, you're guaranteed a big "thank you" when you make a batch or two. And everyone has their favorite cookie recipes; these are mine. 

How to Make the Best Cookies

Making the best cookies is easy as long as you follow some rules. Learn how to measure flour, how to read a baking recipe, and find tips for tender, perfect cookies every time. The most important tips are to measure the flour properly, since too much flour can result in dry, tough cookies, and to make you don't over bake the cookies. Set the timer for a couple of minutes less than the recipe suggests and check them then.

Cookie Science

Don't be scared - this type of science is easy. Cookies are made with a combination of fat, sugar, flour, leavening, and flavorings. These ingredients combine in different ways to produce everything from chewy chocolate chip cookies to dense brownies to fruit-filled bars. Read through this information to put science behind you in the kitchen.

No Bake Cookies

No bake cookies are the perfect choice for beginners. They're also great for hot days when you just don't want to turn the oven on. They are simple to make and very tasty. And they're delicious!

Bar Cookie and Brownie Recipes

We think bar cookies are the easiest because you just fill a pan with luscious ingredients and bake; then frost them if you like. There's no going back and forth, shaping cookies and removing them from cookie sheets, which can be time consuming, but also contemplative if you are in the mood. Here are some fabulous bar cookie recipes that we make often.