How to Make Fondant or Gum Paste Buttons

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    Pick the Right Silicone Mould for the Buttons

    Used with permission by Michelle Anderson

    Silicone moulds are a great way to make realistic pretty buttons for your cake and cookie projects. These moulds come in a variety of styles and quality can definitely vary depending on the manufacturer. They should at least be flexible and completely non-stick.

    Always treat your moulds with care making sure you do not twist or stretch them and wash gently in warm soapy water between uses. Let your silicone moulds air dry because they can pick up a great deal of lint and fibers if you use a cloth...MORE or paper towels!

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    Make Desired Fondant or Gum Paste Colors

    Used with permission by Michelle Anderson

    Moulds are simple to use but choosing the correct type of fondant or gum paste is crucial to your success. A firm texture is great for moulds like buttons and borders but if the mould is very detailed often softer product works better to get into all the crevices. If you are using a soft fondant try placing the filled mould in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes before releasing it. You can even mix mediums like marzipan, gum paste and fondant to get exactly the right firmness for your...MORE project.

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    Dust Silicone Mould with Cornstarch

    Used with permission by Michelle Anderson

    Most moulds will be completely non-stick but it is good to take a paintbrush and lightly dust the outlines and details with cornstarch to ensure a sharp design. Take care not to apply too much or it will settle in the grooves and distort the effect.

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    Fill Mould with Fondant or Gum Paste

    Used with permission by Michelle Anderson

    Break off a piece of fondant close to the size you think is needed to fill the silicone mould. Keep the rest of the fondant wrapped in plastic to avoid it drying out. Knead the small piece until it is smooth and slightly warm and then roll it into a ball. Press the ball firmly into the mould ensuring that all the surfaces are filled up including the edges. You can remove the excess fondant with a paring knife or palette knife but some designs do not require this. Pop the buttons out of the mould...MORE by flexing the silicone.

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    Make Additional Colored Buttons

    Used with permission by Michelle Anderson

    Create as many colors as you want for the design following the same technique as Step 4.

    It is also very simple to make two tone buttons or a more intricate pattern on the buttons. Two tone buttons can be made by pressing different colors into the mould where you want the variation to occur.

    For example, if you want a white button with a blue center you would roll a small ball of blue fondant and press it exactly in the area of the button pattern where you want it to be. Most moulds have distinct...MORE designs which make this easy. Use a knife to trim off any excess fondant. Then roll a ball of white fondant for the outer edge of the button. Press this firmly into the mould and the release the button. If the blue color spreads outside the area you wish it to be simply use a little less fondant the next attempt.

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    Use Buttons for Your Design

    Used with permission by Michelle Anderson

    Buttons are a wonderful cake element for many different types of events and designs. A pretty rustic wedding can look absolutely smashing with a button border and daisies accenting the tiers. Bows crafted to look like fabric can also be combined with buttons on an elegant shower or wedding cake. A retirement or birthday cake for a sewing enthusiast can have a scattering of buttons, borders that look like bric brac trim and gum paste spools of thread. Buttons can also be used as...buttons! A...MORE gorgeous cake or cookies with designs featuring sculpted dresses or fabric can be enhanced with gold dusted fondant buttons or piped stitching.

    The options for these pretty creations is endless!