How to Make Fondant or Gum Paste Lace

Fondant lace
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    Gather your Tools for the Lace

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    Creating lace or doilies out of fondant or gum paste is a simple and fun activity that produces lovely unique design accents that can be used for many types of cake products. One of the most beautiful wedding cake themes is making lacy borders for your tiers that mimic the lace on a dress. The doily look can also be very effective for creating pretty snowflakes for a winter wonderland cake idea. You can easily add silver dragees, a light brush of luster dust or the pretty glitter of sanding sugar or edible silver or gold flakes. Your base color can be pure white or you can create lovely shades that compliment the overall theme of the cake. There is really no limit to the effect you can produce with very little supplies required. You simply need a steady hand, patience and the following:

    • Gum paste or fondant
    • Cornstarch
    • Rolling pin
    • Cutter to create the base shape
    • Round decorating tips of various diameters
    • Other cutter shapes
    • Gum paste tools
    • Edible glitter or dragees
    • Foam
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    Roll Out the Gum Paste

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    Take your gum paste or fondant and knead it on a cornstarch-dusted surface until it is smooth and pliable. This might take up to five minutes because pre-made gum paste can often be very hard and a bit crumbly from the package. Roll out the gum paste until it is about one-eighth of an inch thick turning the rolled gum paste at least twice during the process.If you roll out a large piece of gum paste to cut multiple lace shapes from it is important to remember that this product dries out easily. Take the time to cover the pieces you are not using immediately.

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    Cut Out the Desired Shape

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    Use a cutter to create the shape you want for your lace pieces. The cutter can be in the shape of a flower, star, circle or anything else that strikes your fancy. You can even use actual doilies to make the design by tracing it and cutting out the shape with a paring knife.

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    Create a Design on the Lace

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    Take your cut piece and decide what lace design you wish to make. This part of the process can be freestyle or you can mark out exactly where the holes in the lace will be cut. Take the round decorating tips and press the small end into the gum paste or fondant letting the cut piece fall into the tip. Continue to cut holes using different diameter tips taking care to empty out the tiny pieces as you cut a number of holes. If you do not empty the tips eventually the cut section will not lift out of the lace piece.

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    Finish the Lace Design

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    These lovely lace pieces can be finished however you want. You can use gum paste tools to thin out the edges of the lace piece and create a more realistic look or keep the piece thicker for a more rigid design. If you have thinner doilies pieces you can bunch them together like ruffled old-fashioned handkerchiefs on the tiers of your cake. Thicker designs can be very effective as well. For example,​ snowflakes appear very dramatic and elegant when they are glued to the cake with edges sticking up above the tops of the cakes. You can have big, small and medium flakes of all different designs to mimic real snowflakes. Use royal icing to outline the snowflakes and sift them on silver or pale blue edible glitter for a gorgeous shimmery cake. ​Basically, you can choose exactly what you want to do and if each piece will be unique or part of a matched set.