How to Make Fried Bananas

Bananas and pastry dough
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    The Easy Way to Make Thai Fried Bananas

    You've probably seen fried bananas on the menu at Thai restaurants. Everyday bananas are transformed into a heavenly delight - crispy on the outside, warm and melting on the inside. You may have wondered how to do this at home.

    You can serve this tropical Thai dessert to guests, and you'll have friends for life. Best of all, this scrumptious dessert is easy and fun to make, whether you're cooking alone or with some friends. Enjoy these fried bananas hot from the pan, or add some ice cream or whipped cream and chocolate sauce for an extra special (and yummy) treat.

    While there are other recipes with more ingredients, such as goreng pisang, that require you to make a batter; here we'll show a much easier way to do it. All you need are bananas, spring roll wrappers, oil, and a pan. You can save your ingredients and creativity for what to serve for the rest of the meal.

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    Prepare the Ingredients for Thai Fried Bananas

    Bananas and pastry dough

    Start with some ripe bananas. You want bananas that are developing brown spots, as at that point they are sweet and have fully developed a range of flavors.

    You will need frozen spring roll wrappers. The smaller spring roll wrappers are preferred. Allow the wrappers to thaw for five to10 minutes. Then open the packet and carefully separate the first wrapper from the pack.

    You can begin to heat cooking oil in a deep fryer or a frying pan. You'll need about an inch of oil if you are using a frying pan.

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    Begin to Wrap the Banana

    Place banana in centre of wrap
    D. Schmidt

    Place a banana in the center of the wrapper. If the banana is large, use only half a banana per wrapper or whatever section will allow you to wrap it fully. Grasp either side of the wrapper and bring them towards the center.

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    Wrapping the Sides and Bottom of the Banana

    Wrap sides over banana and begin to roll

    After bringing in the sides, begin to roll by tucking the bottom end of the wrapper over the banana.

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    Tuck and Roll

    Tuck end under and continue to roll

    Tuck the end of the wrapper under the banana and continue to roll to the end.

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    Finish Rolling and Secure the Ends

    Finish rolling and seal the end

    Roll until the banana is completely wrapped. Secure the ends by dipping your fingers in a little water and wetting the end to seal it like an envelope.

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    Fry Wrapped Bananas Until Golden Brown

    Cook wrapped bananas in heated oil
    D. Schmidt

    Carefully place wrapped bananas into about 1 inch heated cooking oil.

    The oil is hot enough when bubbles begin to rise from the bottom of the pan. Or, test by dipping the end of the wrapped banana in the oil. If it sizzles and begins to fry, it is ready. As you fry, reduce the heat to medium-high to prevent the oil from overheating and splattering.

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    Remove From Oil and Drain

    Place cooked bananas on absorbent paper or towel
    D. Schmidt

    The fried bananas are ready when they turn a golden brown. Remove them from the heat and place them on a clean kitchen towel or absorbent paper.

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    Enjoy Hot Fried Bananas Plain or With Coconut Ice Cream

    Fried bananas with coconut ice cream

    Enjoy fried bananas while they are still hot. They're excellent straight out of the pan!

    Add coconut ice cream or vanilla ice cream on the side for a match made in heaven. You can also drizzle them with chocolate sauce for an extra treat.